Preseason Training Sat 20 Jan

Just thought, “Why not?”


Caddy’s mark. That is all



Plays straight up.

You do the hard work Jaydon. All CJohns and nackers have to do is fill in the details


18 Take a couple of good grabs kicks a couple. Starts every week for mine. Apparently leads up to ball powerfully too.



Can’t believe it’s been all this time since training and we haven’t had a single report posted, put put your server racks out Blitz is dead

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BigFooty was actually useful today.


Only just. They missed us!

  • Caddy super exciting! We have a special one on our hands people. Flying for mark, ground level 2nd and 3rd efforts, just awesome.

  • Lock in the following back, Rids, Redman, McKay, Lav, Reid, McGrath and Martin. Hep and Hind stayed on the B team all session. (Rids did sit this one out)

  • Duursma, Tsatas, Durham rotating wings. Kelly played wing also.

  • Jones and Caddy swapped from A to B teams throughout.

  • Gresham everywhere at half forward.

  • Luca Alessio filled in match sim and played really well, 2 shots on goal, marks, competitive. Interesting see how he goes in the vfl this year.

Im sure others have more to add. Pretty good hit out overall


How about Baldwin?

I really dont understand why we are moving one of the most damaging wingman in the comp to the back line, and playing a second year inside mid who is still building his tank and struggling with his foot skills on the wing.

I hope this is just training stuff and not how we line up in games, but even that is bazaar because we should be practising how we plan to play.
Only Essendon does strange ■■■■ like this year in year out.

Thank you for the report.


Some thoughts from today’s match practice:
-Martin great skills from half back
-Ball movement great
-McGrath super impressive, rarely beaten
-Gresham definitely will help us
-No one could stop Caddy. Four guys had a go on him. Serious talent

And here’s the Caddy mark, still image and video


Not getting my hopes up.
Not getting my hopes up.
Not getting my hopes up.
Not getting my hopes up.



Training in mild conditions with a slight breeze favouring the end of the 2nd oval.

I got there at 9, some others got there at 8:30 and said they had already started. I didn’t concentrate too much on when they were doing drills but I focussed a bit on the match sim.

Teams were:


Jones (swapped to red later)
Menzie (I think he swapped later as well)

Red team

String (swapped to black later)
Caddy (swapped later)

There were some top ups playing and I’m not sure which side Roberts played for, but I’m guessing red


Draper - running heaps, can’t be far away from some main group stuff

Weid - same

Guelfi - same

J Davey - did the whole session with training drills, but didn’t do match sim. Was running laps when that was on

Didn’t see Tex but wasn’t really looking for him

Didn’t see Shiel either

Missing Ridley - apparently a very minor calf niggle and obviously Hunter :pensive:

Match sim

Black was the stronger team and would’ve won.

McGrath - was everywhere in the back half. Got heaps of it, teamed up well with Redman. The occasional kick was traditionally shaky but one of the clear better players

Draper - as above

Parish - everywhere.

Langford - solid up forward without being spectacular.

Tsatas - very vocal and was running hard. Short kicks were fine. One kick running full pace and going for distance into the wind was an absolute mung though. Also, at one point Alwyn Davey was on his own and flapping his arms around wanting the ball and Tsatas would’ve been the next kick in the chain but they went the switch to other side and Tsatas was loudly into Alwyn for not using his voice

Caldwell - didn’t see much of him to be honest, I probably missed him.

Merrett - absolutely everywhere

Hobbs - had a bit of it in weaker midfield. May have given his ankle a minor tweak late in session but ran it out fine. Was busy enough otherwise.

Gresham - played a lot of mid minutes for black team, was very busy. Was expecting him around high half forward but was on ball a lot. Going to be a good pick-up

Setterfield - kicked 2 goals for reds. Was good. Still think he’s best 22 round 1 as he’s a point of difference to so many of our other mids. Gave us a bit of a scare when he went off after copping a hard knock, but came back on later and seemed fine

Cox - trained full session. Was on Jones Caddy and Langford. So handy when coming out of defence, so many players have to stop and prop if they receive a handball on wrong side, doesn’t matter with him as he’s equally adept on both feet. Took some nice defensive marks

Laverde - disposal let him down occasionally but was busting his backside and working hard. Was a good stepladder at one point…

Perkins - didn’t do all the training before the match sim started but then played midfield for red team. Got a couple of clearances and would’ve got a few touches

Goldstein - was ok, probably didn’t analyze him and Bryan enough.

Hayes - was solid down back.

Hind - he always looks so busy at training. Was very busy and thought he was good.

Wright - was a lot better than last week, starting to look like he’s getting his groove back

Heppell - vocal and smart, running to right spots. Others still need to step up and take his spot from him

Durham - confused me as was wearing #3 for the black team. Played in the guts a lot and was pretty good. Had one set shot from 35 out right in front into the wind and put it on the full. Had a similar shot from same spot but other end later on and drilled it.

Jones. Kicked 2 long goals, and took a nice mark on the wing. Swapped teams from black to red after 1st quarter. Was alright, but he got overtaken today in the pecking order by another player…

Bryan - as I said, didn’t analyze rucks enough. Neither stood out as being dominant.

Stringer. Interesting session. Building up to it nicely. A couple of uncharacteristic poor kicks going forward early. Swapped teams at half time. Went into middle for some centre bounces and got 3 clearances in a row haha and completely broke the game open. He’s still a machine in there, if his body can hold up he can still have impact in there and then waddle forward

Baldwin. One shocking kick, the rest was his typical solid self. I still like him over Lav, not sure important people see it that way though.

Redman - was very busy. Was ■■■■■■ at himself for a couple of missed kicks, but was really controlling the HB line well

Duursma - first time seeing him and I have to be mindful that he’s probably a bit behind. Turned the ball over a bit and some of his decision making was unpopular with teammates on occasion (taking different options etc). Not too concerned, however we would want to see improvement if this Martin to half back thing is going to work

Kelly - played for black team on a wing :grimacing:no further comment

Caddy - Oh My Goodness. A player hasn’t excited me this much in a very long time. We’ve got one. I think he plays round 1 if he keeps that up. On form, not on potential.

Ok, the mark was spectacular. Everyone roared. To be honest my focus on the game for the next 15 mins wasn’t great, got too excited. But after the mark the ball went back to the middle so that means he drilled the set shot.

Took another lovely mark later, and then in the last kicked his 2nd goal after he got on one of the end of Stringer’s clearances. It’s not only the flashy stuff, he runs hard, chases and gives second efforts. He did a lovely inbound pass after picking up a half volley on the flank and set up a set shot. We have a serious player here and I’m going to go get my kid a number 30 jumper.

Reid - was very very good. Plays round 1. Excited by him too. Just hope he keeps getting this pre season in, it’s been a good one. His skills for a man his size are exceptional.

McKay - was good without being exceptional or dominant. Caddy has a bigger leap than him!

A Davey - bobbed up and kicked 2 I think. Skills were better today than what I saw last week

Martin - very busy across half back. One poor kick which resulted in a set shot, otherwise was very good. We need our wingers to step up so we can afford this luxury of playing him here.

Lual - was pretty quiet until he got on the end of a chain and should’ve kicked a goal but McGrath caught him stone cold holding the ball and there was a collective groan in our area. Will hopefully learn from that, should’ve had the shot straight away rather than try the baulk. Got caught out at this level.

Roberts - didn’t really notice him today sorry.

Vigo - was a target up forward for the red team. Didn’t do much but battled hard

Menzie - bobbed up here and there with some nice finishing. Surely plays round 1, probably our only proper small forward

Also Alessio’s kid kicked a goal for the reds and had another that just missed. I don’t know many of the others that were playing in the blank jumpers sorry.

All in all, a very solid session and was good to watch some proper match sim.

Main takeaways.

  • No further injuries that I saw
  • Caddy

It will all work out. We would never ruin things by playing a player in the wrong position.

i actually think we’re on the right track !

Taking Martin off the wing last year was a big mistake. Exacerbated big time by replacing him with Kelly.

If Kelly is not playing as a lock down defender then he plays for North Heidelberg I am sorry.

I can see the logic with Martin behind the ball but I think I prefer our wings to be Duursma and Martin with Durham playing high half forward.

Tsatas no thanks - re: wing


I have a very good feeling about Caddy ……I’m so excited !!