Putting the call out...Blitzers in the UK

Wasn’t sure where to put a topic like this, so it can sit here amongst the dog’s breakfast.

I’m moving to the UK (a small town called Sherborne in Dorset, England) in a few weeks and was wondering if Blitz had a UK contingent that gets together to watch games occasionally? I’m a young guy moving over by himself to work and it would be good to have a few friendly faces to watch Essendon games with.

I’m in the UK but don’t catch up with other blitzers. The timing of the games makes it unappealing to be out socialising (night games start at 10-11am here). I generally stream games online and watch from home.

Your best bet might be to get in with an Australian Expat group that has regular social events (e.g. Britbound) or to join a Facebook group like “Aussies in London”. Go to their events if you can to make a few friends who will also be new, then arrange to catch up with those people. They’ll also advertise major events that get decent crowds like Grand Final or ANZAC Day.

If you’ve got any other questions then post them or send me a PM. Happy to help of give tips to anyone moving over here. There may be others who catch up that I’m not aware of.

I’m in London but as YSBS says it’s hard to get to a pub at 4 in the morning for the occasional Sat afternoon games.
BT/ESPN usually show at least one live AFL game a week which you can get as part of the BT Broadband package.
If you get to London on weekends some of the http://www.afllondon.com games can be OK and the clubs have good social networks. The London clubs are becoming increasingly local and not just ex-pats

Cheers guys!