Questions about Training 19th January, not a report

Is it on today? If so, what time? Have headed back to work this week but keen to get out for a couple of hours today to have a look.

Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a really short session today due to the heat. Hope green and Francis are wearing SPF 1000


They should get out there and go twice as hard for twice as long i reckon. For awhile there teams were spending big on training camps in the heat (port, melb, us to i think) as it supposedly produced good/better results than altitude.

And they are getting it for free right at home!!! :grinning:


Conor could turn up in a full firefighters outfit and still get burnt!

I think someone reported on the EFC site that training was on this morning from around 10am, although I can’t find it.

Even though it’s hot in past years they have done full sessions in extreme heat, just with more drink breaks.

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Yep, 10am.

Its a scorcher to go out to watch training.

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I was there for 10 minutes, way too hot.

Big Aaron Francis training alone on Eithad oval ( goal kicking practice )

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Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive… It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!

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Your username is very apt today :wink:

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Implying that Francis is actually training.

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Aaron Francis forward, confirmed.

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given the heat, the Francis sighting may have been a mirage


Never forget Leroy Jetta’s pre-season at half back.




On the Bomber app Justin Crowe was saying they were going to have two quarters of match simulation and two quarters of AFLX today. Also gave a good breakdown of all the current injuries. Franga has a hip complaint but nothing serious… he lives!!


Did he use the word ‘knock’ or ‘complaint’, it is a very important technical distinction


Actually to be serious for a minute I’m really concerned about Franga. Three years of injury stopping him getting where he wants to. It wouldn’t totally surprise if he just walked away. Poor kid.

Crow re: Fancis- Á '‘slow and steady approach’ to his build up…

KNOCK= 8 weeks
SLOW N STEADY = Coooooooooooked.


Did anyone see the clip of the players playing AFLX before it was taken down?

Also, see Laverde lining up on Heppell in this photo:

A sign that he’s gonna play midfield?

And is that really Myers out-muscling Stewart?