Quiz 28 - The Seventies


Interesting this one…

Having made Google my friend, is the quizmaster aiming for Cockney Rebel’s first album or Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel’s first. Your answer is correct in one instance, but not the other (I won’t name it, because I didn’t know it until searching for it…)


Oh and…
17 - BAAKKEERRRR - Ben Elton


Ohhhhh, Is the preceding question a hint?

11 - wimmera1 - Got My Mind Set On You - George Harrison


4 - gnik - milk and alcohol
12 - gnik - powerplant
14 - gnik - the human menagerie

Gonna be tricky to keep up as I’m travelling in South Africa over the next three weeks.


Turns out I had their first and second album mixed up.


You seem completely lost.

It is a John Lennon song.

He had number 1s when he was alive.

When he died a number of these went back to number 1.

Which song though was the first to go to number 1 which wasn’t a number 1 before.


Some questions are done so you can guess lots of songs.


Sorry, I was talking about the Always on my Mind question.

I get the Lennon one, I had my only stab at that. If it’s not that then I don’t know.


And I don’t know, but given the circumstances it surely must be…

20 - wimmera1 - Willie Nelson



Imagine how frustrated I am, too!


It’s not Imagine.


Is it a Lennon song, or a Lennon/McCartney song?


Give Peace A Chance?


13 Captain Jack (Fats Domino) - l’m ln Love Again. The La De Da’s did a cover of this in the 1970’s and may have even recorded it.



9 - wimmera1 - Fashion

Can you even study fashion at university?
I mean…clothes design…sort of thing.


Hmm… I know Starting Over went to number on a week or two after he died, but was released before he died.



It’s a humanities subject rather than science (that’s a clue).


Open for all. Feel free to ask for hints or directions.


9 - swooper - Journalsim