R 18 The team v the Dees - I'm Rutten for a win - Saturday 2:10 PM Metricon Stadium

Can’t wait to tell Saad and Daniher to fk off at the end of the game.

But until then all the best today boys.


You do realize pick 5 is unlikely to be pick 5 if academy picks come into play, which is very likely.

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Finish your reps and fck off

I’ve got a feeling that rutten is doing a sheedy. Buy adding harry jones to the emergency list and he becomes a late in for gleeson (hopefully).
I did read once that harry’s idol was Joe so maybe he is thinking play him with Joe today and it might sway Joe to stay if they connect well today.
Just my theory

If it’s to hot or to cold outside, no household chores, union rules.

If the weather is just right like today, you can’t waste it doing them either. Having a beer or cooking a bbq (preferably both) is the only work allowed. You can pass the last one off as saving her from cooking dinner.

I reckon that leaves you with 22c & 27c as the only temperatures to be obligated to work on the weekend.

Atleast that’s my story, still wouldn’t watch the footy though.

What does that mean? I thought effectively your only pushed down if a team above you in draft selection gets free agency compo. Eg adelaide on crouch.

Don’t kill my buzz

So, will they be playing for John, Ben or themselves ? If they play as a team, its one ( or both) of the first 2, if they are a rabble its the 3rd option. I hope they are playing for Ben, because John is of the past. Ben is our future.

Pick 5 will be pick 7 once Ugan gets bidded on with pick 1, and Adelaide then get pick 2 with Crouch. That’ll drop us to pick 7, assuming Gold Coast win.

We’re 100% winning today. That’s how we operate, win when it hurts us.


I am getting the replay of the Collingwood game ready. I want that to be the abiding memory of 2020,
not the poxy season from round 7 onwards


I want to win, I always want to win. It makes virtually no difference whether our first pick is #5 or #8, there’s such a big element of guesswork and luck in the draft order. Significant variation in player quality (judging by numbers of games played) only becomes apparent when you look across a difference of 20 or 30 draft picks, not 1 or 2.


I want the win



Spike had passion for the club.

I’m pretty sure it would benefit the mindset of the players and their enthusiasm for preseason if we win well.

Ive started on the gutters. I’ll grab some lunch and watch the first qtr. If we stink it up then I’m straight back outside :slight_smile: thanks for the tips boys catch you in a few hours


I really don’t think we need to tank to lose. We are just rubbish.

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Well, no one else will do it, sooooo…