R 18 The team v the Dees - I'm Rutten for a win - Saturday 2:10 PM Metricon Stadium


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That’s not Phillips. That’s Francis.



This might be the first time I think I’ve ever seen an EFC named side in the positions you’d expect to see them playing.

Only one really of interest & difference is Guelfi off HFF. We haven’t seen that before.

Hopefully the boys come to play and finish the season on a good note ruining any chance of Melbourne’s season progressing to finals and break their hearts.

Is it over yet?

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I’d really like to finish this ■■■■ year with a win.

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Anyone else reckon Oliver will tear Essendon a new one?

Melbourne should shut the gates and fold the club if they lose to us.

It now been updated on the efc website.

Surely this is his first time named in the 26 man squad?


Onya Jonesy!

If Hurls ankle bothers him today as far as pulling up from main training might see a debut

Hooker certainly being given a bit to think about.

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Worsfolds last game.

I feel like a winner already.


I’m excited.

But I think I’m just excited for this whole thing to end more than the game itself.

The Misses wants me to spend today cleaning the gutters of our house. I farkin hate doing it but I farkin also hate wasting 2 hours watching the Dons play!!! If U could only do one today which one would it be?

FFS they are giving players every chance to play for their future at EFC. So, play them.

I would be doin the cleaning while listening on the radio

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I reckon we’ll win.

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I would be growing a pair of ballz and telling the misses " no guttering today "

I’d be telling the misses if she wants the gutter cleaned she knows where the ladder is.


It’s “the” Langford, to you.

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I’d say ‘I’m off to the boozer.’ Then I’d realize they’re all still closed and I’m currently on the wagon.