R.l.P Doc Neeson

From one group of Angels to another.


RIP. :(

great band!












* so I'll guess we'll never see your face again?

Terrible news.

I didn't even know he was unwell.


Great songs, amazing presence, great live even when he should have been well past it.

And easy to play.  Had as much to do with me learning to play as anyone.

I saw him a few times, mostly at Bombay Rock. Those were the days and they were a great band lead by a great Ozzie performer. Too young @ 67. RIP.

MMM doing a full tribute right now with Lee Simon.

RIP Doc.


Liveline will get a run on the turntable tonight.

RIP Doc, a fantastic singer with a fantastic band


"No Way, Get Fu cked, Fu ck Off"


RIP Doc!

The ABC did a great story on him a few weeks ago on 'Australian Story' as was fairly obvious given his sickness that he didn't have long.



also from the archives old interview with Doc and Molly.



Thanks for the memories Doc.

So often you see people have died and there is a slight level of interest, and you go "oh, them too eh?" and you move on with life.

This news has actually affected me.

It's like when Chrissie Amphlett died last year, another little piece of my formative years has just gone.

I can remember pretending to be Doc Neeson miming along to Face to Face and Dark Room in our back room.

I only saw them once, at Peninsula Gardens, which rates as probably the best concert I ever went to.

Three rows from the front, bouncing up and down for an hour and a half, everyone there singing along to every lyric of every song.

I guess all I can say is thank you Doc. You rocked.

How sad. Loved the Angels.


Will play their music all night full volume and anyone who complains will get the "Angels chant"

Aussie Rock Legend!!


When Oz rock was at it's greatest, The Angels were as good as any of the best and Doc was a brilliant frontman.


Not the earliest version but a good one



R.I.P. Doc :(


One of the greatest frontmen in Oz rock history.


After you've blasted out "No Exit", "Dark Room", "Face to Face" et al tonight, try relaxing to Doc's 2007 acoustic album "Acoustic Sessions". You won't be disappointed. A whole new take on some brilliant songs.


Take me away to Marseilles Doc..........

Another fine frontman goes to the great gig in the sky. Geez, Aussie music has copped some blows lately. Chrissie Amphlett and now Doc Neeson...


I didn't exactly love everything The Angels did but (just like AC/DC) in moderation they had some good, solid rock songs (Shadow Boxer, Marsailles, No Secrets, After The Rain etc) and Neeson was a compelling force up front with his mad stare!


Oddly enough I was just listening to some Angels over the weekend, analysing a couple of tracks while attempting to program a drum track. They certainly didn't play to a click track! The timing was sloppy - up and down like a cheap hooker's drawers - but I'd imagine the bulk of their backing tracks would've been played live in the studio and that's what made it great! Top-class music has always been about a band's interaction - with its inherent imperfection (bum notes, tempo shifts, fluffed solos) as important as the perfection. Unfortunately this is something the digital era seems to have forgotten...

Sad news indeed.

Their music was the soundtrack to some of the best times of my life...RIP Doc.

I know a bloke who fell asleep at an Angels concert at the Perth Entertainment Centre.


Fell asleep.