R18 - Essendon vs Fremantle (21/7 4:35pm @ ES) - Pregame Discussion


  • No reported injuries from the Gold Coast game
  • Fantasia expected to return to team (according to Worsfold)
  • One extra day break over Fremantle
  • Our two highest scores of 2018 have both been scored at Etihad (106 vs Port, 125 vs North)
  • Fremantle have won only one away game this year (against Carlton in Round 13)
  • We defeated Fremantle in our last game against them at Etihad (R23 2017) but it was a relatively tight game
  • No Fyfe, Sandilands or Ballantyne to contend with
  • Since Round 8, Essendon are only conceding on average 72 points per game (Top 4 in the AFL during this time period).


  • Ross Lyon generally wins the ‘tactical’ battle over Worsfold (Worsfold has a 26% winning record against Lyon, winning only 4 of 15 games stemming back to his days as WCE coach)
  • Fremantle’s best performance this year was at Etihad several rounds ago when they led Carlton 77-7 at Half Time before cruising to a 57 point win
  • No Daniher, Zaharakis, Stringer amongst others… again
  • Essendon performances in games against teams they are expected to defeat.

What are your thoughts and expected changes prior to this game?


IN: Francis


It really depends what mindset the team shows up with.

Show up with the attitude from the 2nd half yesterday we will win easily.

Show up with the first half attitude and it will be a struggle all day

In : Francis, Raz
Out: colyer, Goddard

What will happen
In Raz
Out Long


I was going to post exactly this

no changes for mine.


Haven’t looked at match ups but Raz in hopefully.

If Fantasia is in we should win by 6+ goals and I’m usually more pessimistic. Would be tempted to bring in Stewart to give us a better target up forward but we can always swing Hooker forward and Francis down back.

In: Fantasia, Francis
Out: Colyer, McNiece

Raz comes in, goes without saying.

I didn’t think this after the filth game, but I think Long should stay in. Lets see if he can find his groove at AFL level. It’s either now or never for him.

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I know we dont have a strong 22 atm but still can we please wipe the floor with this mob the same way they’ve toyed with us over their??

Im talking our 2nd string forwards Brown and McKernan kicking 10 goals between them and someone out of form like Colyer kicking the first goal of the game 15 seconds in pounding his chest like an ape at the crowd.



In: Francis, Fantasia, Ridley
Out: Goddard, Colyer, McNeice

B: Saad Hooker Francis
Hb: Dea Hurley Ridley
C: McKenna Smith Long
Hf: Fantasia Brown Langford
F: Tippa McKernan Baguley
R: Bellchambers Heppell Parish
Int: Z Merrett, Guelfi, McGrath, Myers

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Matera has pencilled this one in.


No chance Ridley comes in imo. He got 5 possessions in the VFL yesterday


I want Francis to storm through 3 sh*tty Freo players, load up from 60m and send one fckn home, with a crotch chop to Woosha to boot to start the 80 point rout.


They’re going to bring in Harley Bennell for this one aren’t they.


Rather them get their win out of the way today (vs Port) to stop their losing run.

Tough, wet conditions and a grinding game for them. Short turnaround too.

We still need to be absolutely switched ‘ON’ from the start.

Couldn’t be any worse than mcneice.

Maybe, but they won’t make that change imo

I want francis to fend of fyfe into next year.


Fyfe won’t be back I don’t think

Good its already happened.