Rare Footage of 1953 VFL First-Semi FInal with Coleman, Hutchison etc

Thought this might be of interest to Blitzers young and old...


The National Sound and Film Archive have unearthed this rare footage (no sound) of the 1953 VFL First Semi-Final between Essendon and Footscray at the MCG.


The game features legendary Bomber players such as John Coleman, Bill Hutchison (last through the guard of honour, fresh from his Brownlow Medal win earlier that week) and a young Jack Clarke (No.1).


Sadly we lost the game 6.13.49 to 5.11.41... apparently the match was played in 100kph gale force winds which made conditions particularly difficult for marking forwards. Coleman was also physically unwell and was kept to just 1 goal for the match (in what was reported as his worst performance of the 1953 season in which he kicked 97 goals).


Regardless there is some great slow motion footage included in the video of Coleman up against Footscray fullback Herb Henderson.


Also in the footage is a young Ted Whitten (No.3) for the Bulldogs.



That needs some A1 commentary.

I’m thinking best in the business BT, say that again Luke Darcy, and Richo man.

In all seriousness, that is some pretty fine footage.

Nice colour reproduction.

Interesting stuff. Thanks. Noticed Hutchinson as well, who else was there?

In addition to Coleman (#10), Hutchison (#7) and Clarke (#1) also listed as playing that day were:

- Doug Bigelow (#19),

- Fred Gallagher (#13),

- Les Gardiner (#18),

- John Gill (#3),

- Jack Harrington (#23),

- Jack Jones (#24) - this was his second last season!

- Geoff Leek (#30)

- Lance Mann (#32)

- Roy McConnell (#25) - plenty of him in the footage

- Norm McDonald (#4) in his last game

- Ian Monks (#29)

- Peter O'Sullivan (#16)

- Mal Pascoe (#34)

- Greg Sewell (#9)

- Bob Syme (#26) in his last game

- Alan Thaw (#8)

- John Towner (#33)

Screw Footscray.

Thanks, Incoming! This was great to see (despite the result).

Mal Pascoe was 32:)

Mal Pascoe was 32:)

or 34? 

Thanks incoming!


Mal Pascoe was 32:)

or 34? 


Cough, cough...

Lousy delivery into the forward line!!

Lousy delivery into the forward line!!

Sixty one years later and still can't get it right.

Mal Pascoe was 32:)


Mal Pascoe was 34 I wore his number at Aberfeldie Primary school.

What's all this kicking to contests business about?

My wallet went missing yesterday (duly found after several hours contemplating how many cards, licenses etc I'd have to get cancelled and re-issued prior to christmas) and the search prompted a more wide-scaled clean up.  which i continued this morning. which revealed this photo in one of my drawers.



Three likely looking lads.  Could play a bit too, from all reports:




■■■,  when was the last time you saw a full back kicking in with a drop kick? 

■■■,  when was the last time you saw a full back kicking in with a drop kick?

Probably '70-71

Thanks for this link, my Uncle John (Jack) passed recently and it is great to see some footage of him playing. Cheers very much appreciated