Rare words - unplugged

There is a lot of commonly used words on BB, and some rare ones that are not used so much in the outside world.

I have noticed that there are also some erudite blitzers, so this is the thread for them. And for the others, a chance to expand their vocabulary.

Rules for this thread:
i) nominate a rarely used word (one per day) WITHOUT recourse to a dictionary/thesaurus/internet.

ii) give a post a like if you have not heard that word before (or at least not in the last X years).

My rarely used word for today:



This has nothing on a diggers game thread.

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My rarely used word: sinecure
As used so eloquently (and in such an incontrovertibly correct manner) by @blob in this post:


I had to look up apostasy the other day.

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close thread.


I personally don’t come across rubicund that often, nor have I bothered using it as way of describing someone’s skin or face to be rosy and healthy of complexion, kinda like Peter Gordon being immobile after 2x 28oz steaks, chat potatoes and a few clarets.

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I’m fond of the word happenstance though it’s not so much a word that describes something different than coincidence, it just sounds better.

Much like using sardonic in place of sarcastic.

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see Barnaby Joyce!

Prime example.


(It’s a surgical instrument for scraping bone, and the way I determine if a given dictionary has any merit at all. Use that in Hangman and you win.)


Plenty of scrimshankers where I work.


Happenstance is not coincidence, and sardonic does not have the same meaning as sarcastic. The two words in each pair have meanings that are in some respects similar, but they are not synonyms.

I didn’t even know there was a word for it until my daughter put me onto this one a while back: petrichor. Look it up.


They are close enough to be only useful to throw into conversation only to flex your vocabulary and make your friends eyes roll.

don’t be so vapid rolo

when is something technical jargon vs part of the greater language? Cos I’d say that is definitely jargon…

The dead giveaway is the first ~10 google results not being for what it apparently is.

Petrichor! Fantastic, coined by the CSIRO and most of us would’ve used another CSIRO invention, wifi, to look it up. Cred to your daughter!



Can we also include new additions to the lexicon?