Rare words - unplugged


No neologisms, please!




And I swear, I never heard anyone use the word “bullish” until Knights started using it.


Yes, I prefer to use ‘taurine ‘ as well.


triumvirate - ala Warner, Smith & Bancroft




My nominated word for today (and its first appearance on BB):


Appropriate, considering we are all vexillophiles.


My interest in that has started to flag.


I anticipate you will reconsider when we fly a new pennent in September.


It’ll be a new standard.


XVII would be the new standard.


Malapropism. One of my favourites since I caught G. Baum misusing it, but unfortunately that wasn’t a malapropism in and of itself.

Greg, if you’re reading, please man up and reply to my email.


:blush: Cerulius


Not in my dictionary. Meaning and where found?


It’s Straight Outa Hogwarts!


I thought it might be something like that.


So U think I should choose a different word?


You are free to run with my “cakamity” from the Locations thread.

I suspect it means the appearance of a really dirty nappy!


You’ve changed the spelling but the word is still artificial. Cerulean is a word.


Woo hoo ! ■■■■■■■ A! I was feeling so cerulean that it made me feel cerulius. :wink: