Rare words - unplugged


I kept Mrs Two Dogs waiting last night as I ambled out of a social function. She gave me a mild serve. I asked her if she was chiding me. She was.


Chiding - that can happen in this hot weather. Oh wait, no, that’s chafing!


Diaphanous… when it comes to lingerie…


Well, we’ve always seen through you.


Today we have something from mathematics.
There are more milliosmoles in a concentrated sugar solution than in a still water room temperature solution.


And given your penchant for pineapples, I present you with an interesting piece on its etymology. The butterflies are extra. :wink:


Fess up.
I want everyone on Blitz to fess up if they stuck a lock on the Paris Bridge that runs from the Louvre to Bibliotheque.


Yup Aus Open final cost me 3 pineapples and a cabbage leaf


More chemistry than mathematics.

Avocado’s constant.


Word of the day Drooling :drooling_face:


Teaching my 4-month young staffy pup to wait for his food = ‘drool puddles’. :grin:



Not even in the Samsung dictionary.


It’s acceptable or adequate.

I thought it was @Finding_Nino word.


Yes but that dictionary is famed for its pericombobulation.


I can see inbetween your contrafibularities.


Lackadaisical. People are too laconic to use it.


back in town…

It has been over forty years since I showed my philtrum in public.

What about you?


I did movember a few years ago.