Rating Our Performance

Eighteen days ago I wrote the following under the heading "Hirdy Rates Our Performance A “B”.

"Attended the sponsors’ cocktail party at the kind invitation of Mattmcp. It was a good night - the players were very accommodating.

Hird gave a short speech which was greeted with polite applause.

When asked if he was a schoolteacher what mark would he give our performance so far this year he said he would rate it a B.

What are your thoughts?"

In answer to my question there was a mixture of agreement and disagreement.

Again using a letter mark how do you rate our performance now?

Has your view changed in the last eighteen days?

About an F.


probably a NYC
not yet competent

We have been nothing short of a failure this year. Beating hawthorn only exception. Losing to all of the sides who we are about equal with (geelong, richmond, collingwood, north) proves where we are really at

Expelled from school and made to repeat the year… Pathetic…

Performance definitely doesnt rate a B atm. That said, it is also the responsibilty of the teacher/parent to find the root cause and to help the ‘kid’ to perform. There has to be a reason why performance dropped off so suddenly in the group.

I’d give the backlinebackline a B+, unfortunately the rest if the team brings the average down to a C/D at best.

Time to blood some youth/speed/excitement.

Have won 4 of 10.

9-10 wins would be an A

7-8 wins: B

5-6 wins: C

3-4 wins: D

1-2 wins: E

0 wins: F

Individually - Hurley and Hooker get an A


And that is being kind


I think its fair to say we are NOT smarter than a 5th grader.

Backs B+, midfielders who wish to stuff about with handballs to stationery players D, Therefore forwards are always out of position C

Have to take vce exams at show grounds.

Back: A
Mid: D
Forward: E

P for Putrid


S for sh*t

Did we really beat Hawthorn? What a major difference in performance it has been compared to now sigh

It’s quite likely we’ll have to repeat this season next year.