Rd 14 Ess @ Syd Matchday Thread

It was my assumption they will share ruck duties to some extent. Remember, stints in the ruck bring Smack into games as well. I hear what you say though.

I’d prefer Smack plays stints in the ruck over Joe. Joe is clearly our most dangerous forward in this match and as a result it’s his time to stand up and win us this match playing deeper. He basically has to be BOG for us to win IMO. We might get cameos from Stewart or Smack but I don’t see either of them having a day out and kicking 4-5.

Im breaking all my rules to go to the match tonight. As a Sydneysider I despise everything that the swans are. There supporter base has never had a firkin clue and im betting ill get into a discussion with some of them.

If we get screwed over by the umpires (not the usual suspects I see) then it will be on like donkey kong!

Give them strength!


I’m exactly the opposite,… Joeys ruck time is crucial to his game IMO.

He loves it, & needs it.


In short stints, Mckernan is actually a pretty decent ruckman. It would be silly not to use him there at all.

Plus, considering its ‘last chance, back to the wall, playing for career’ stakes for him (again), I’d be inclined to start him there and get a few early touches. He thrives on this sh*t.

I do get the concept of finding out if he can play pure forward for a game though. It’s really his only way to stay on the list.

This is it, the day joe announces himself as the best ruck fwd in the game.


Kurt Tippett, eat your heart out.

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Hooker out,

belcho forward.

joe ruck

smack bench

I’d like him in the guts tonight. He’ll kick them from the centre circle. Cut out the middle man.

This. And I’d really like them to find a way to get him into the team. I’m not the lone ranger in liking what he brings when he’s firing.

Also, … I discovered where Choppy et al got the inkling he would/will ruck.

Despite Woosh completely contradicting it in his presser etc, he’s named there on the team sheet, … as is Hurls at CHF, & BJ at CHB sooo.

No that’s not it either. Might’ve been mistaken. Rare but it does happen… :wink:

He’s already announced that.
Tonight he announces he’s the best forward in the game.*

*I hope.

I expect Raz to spend some time high on the ground to similar to the Port game to allow run from the defensive 50 through the middle AND clear out the forward 50 to allow one on ones with the talls.

The game should suite Hepp and Jobe given the shut down style of play. But those two players will have to be in top form to combat their Sydney opponents. We have to have a mindset similar to the Geelong game, wear your opponent like a glove and jump on him as soon as he gains possession. I think it does make sense to change Smack and TBell in the ruck rather than Joe.


Seriously keen for McKenna to back up the port game.




massive chance of a let down after being so good against Port.

Swans wont afford him the time and space Port did. Hopefully he can handle the increased pressure and congestion that he’s likely to confront. A poor game shouldn’t detract from the amount of development he’s demonstrated in the last 6 weeks though.

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Hope Langford can have a good game with serious midfield minutes.

You would be surprised when you see what Barrett brings home for working half a year.

I think Swans weakness is across their half forward line - Hewett & Towers, so we need to expose them with McGrath & Mckenna and set up our run off half back.

ALso think Belly might help us beak even in the clearances + 2 rucks!
Just need smack to be dangerous enough up forward to let Joe be one out.

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That and not overuse the handball which was a real positive for us last game…
Our half backs were dominant, first time they’ve played that well this year and hope they continue with that form…