Rd 7 Bombers v Dockers - Just for WOB my "fvcken terrible thread weekly of pics"

Hurls and Myersy point out where WOB is sitting so that they know where to watch out for the damp spot

Good to have him back on the field, I think he will be happy to have that one out of the way.

Zach gets the hands warmed up.

Dyson returns fire.

Maybe it is time for a head band?

What tunes does Walla have on the Samsung to get himself pumped for the game?

Dois and Zach lead the boys out on to the field

Dois takes the ball and gets the clearance

Zaharakis gets a good tackle on Walters.

Big loony puts the clamps on Fyfe.

Wrestles with the man mountain that is Sandilands.

Boom. Welcome back David.

Good to see Zach kick a nice goal.

Hooksy loves a goal

Kelly fit straight back into the team and brought a cool head in hot conditions.

Stants collects the loose ball after a great tackle from Zach.

BJ spills the mark

Walla splits the Dockers with his dash

Josh kicks for goal under close attention

Darcy takes the ball and looks to split the Dockers players

Darcy gets tackled by two Dockers as he tries to move the ball on

Stants looking downfield for the leading target

Walla forces Neale to act quick


Kelly takes the tackle and looks to offload

Hartley and Loony go the fist

Walla and Franga try to smoother the kick

Matty Dea attempts to shake the Fyfe tackle

Joe calls for holding the ball

But Johnson gets it away

Dois takes the mark and is tunnelled

Hooker can never be a good forward if he is looking to handball!

BJ looks for the best option downfield


Joeys marking attempt is spoilt

Fanta just misses taking the ball at speed

Conor spoils the mark

Fanta shows his kicking technique

Zach racks up another disposal

Dois gets the clearance ahead of Fyfe

Hooksy enjoys a goal

Conor won’t take a backwards step and doesn’t mind the niggle

Fanta has a beautiful kick

Josh wheels and looks for the forward options

Walla Goal


Joey is not happy with the attention he gets in the marking contest

Darcy shows classic kicking style

Green contests for the ball with Johnson

Matty collects the ball at pace and looks for options

Hooker brings the ball down from the marking contest

Hurls looks to roost the ball downfield

BJ gobbles up the chest mark

Dois kicks under pressure

Baggers dashes off with the ball

And kicks downfield


Hurls gets hand to ball as he is tackled by Walters

Stants takes the mark and looks for options

Trav gets the handball away

Hooker competes for the loose ball

Darcy looks for the handpass

Hooksy tries to keep the ball in play

Loony strides out to make the tackle

Kelly on the run looking for targets

Franga gets the kick away

Zach gets the clearance and almost falcons Dois


First pic was impressive.

Woosha implores the boys to dig deep and keep going

After the siren, the boys are flat. Came out pumping but couldn’t hold on and ran out of legs.


Thanks for taking the time to put the pix together for us each week WP.


Thanks WP, appreciate your work

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great pics!! and great work uploading, captions etc. cheers

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Thanks Warlock, love the one of Hurls in flight.

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A nice warm afternoon light in those shots. They look really good.

And an appropriate cool hue as the defeated players leave the field.

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10/10 thread title, I want it every week


Great pic’s… thanks Warlock.

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I always look forward to this fvcken terrible thread weekly of pics. Thanks Warlock Paul, you do a great job.