Recovery room/Injury news

Licha out for 2 with ‘tightness’

Hurley likely to return this week.

Merrett is available after two weeks off with a ankle problem.

Gumby will be monitored with the corkie.

Marty Gleeson in for shoulder surgery 

We won't see Winderlich again this year.

want hurls back ASAP!!!!!!!

-Hurley back this week. Will train fully.

-Paddy also back this week.

-Heppell still to be determined but did go in for scans.

-Both Kommer and T-Bell went for scans because of soreness around the quad/hammy area. You'd expect they'll both be right.

-Fletcher also had scans on his hammy to make sure he's 100% for the Richmond game.

-Gumby should be right this week.

-Dempsey won't be back this year :(

-Licha still managing the hamstring, unknown.