Red and Black Humour


According to Jimmy Carr, the Catholic church think pedophilia is Ok because it’s in the Bible.

According to Matthew 12, Luke 10 and John 8.


Heard the one about Essendon winning a final in 2019?


Q: What do you call a 29 year old, single, female, Collingwood supporter?
A: Grandma.

Q: What does that same supporter say while she is having sex?
A: Get off me dad, you’re crushing my cigarettes.


I heard this morning that there’s a festival for fogies in Cobar, NSW (east of Broken Hill on the Barrier Hwy) called the Grey Mardi Gras.

The suggestion was made to have some old actors turn up, and then it would be the Grey and Thespian Mardi Gras.


Q: What do you get in a room full of Pies supporters?
A: A full set of teeth.