Reminder: BLT tickets on sale now

Colac and Wangaratta games now on sale at Ticketmaster. For members, it’s $5 plus booking fee. Both have about 10,000 capacity so will sell out.

AFLsuX game has been on sale for a while now.

(I know what a BLT is. I’m sure someone informed me what a JLT was last year, but I’ve forgotten.)

Just secured 2 tickets. Go Dons!

Mmmm, blt…


Printed off my tickets today, they have seat numbers on them, thought the tickets were just general admission.

Does anyone know re if there is seating?

There’s very minimal seating at each ground. You won’t get it.

You can arrive early and bring a chair…

P.S. My Colac ticket has “been purchased and are in the process of being printed”. Ignoring the grammar, I’m not sure how hard it is to print an electronic ticket. Hopefully they work it out in the next couple weeks.

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Thanks @theDJR, so I can ignore the seat numbers.

I had them emailed home, sent them to work and printed them off there.

Me too. ( Ooh, I can say that can’t I?)
I keep looking for my ticket email.
Forget the seat nos. all GA and good advice DJ, bring a chair, especially for the frail elderly like me!!

our JLT tickets were linked to some details that we stopped using in 2005 so we didn’t get any emails ,had to ring ticketmaster to do it over the phone.
so if your tix haven’t shown up change your email by phone.

My BLT ticket just came through, 57 hours after the confirmation email. Yay.

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I had issues with my Ticketmaster ticket for Colac and they told me with the members pre sale their system had an error. It wasn’t connecting emails to peoples tickets. Apparently it was pretty common. Unsure if it happened to you or anyone else DJR.

I booked mine for Colac Monday and just got the tickets today. With Monday a public
holiday might have to stay with friends in Colac , yes risky I Know!

I came here for the BLTs.


Colac is kind of like the povo sister city of Mos Eisley.

The oval is actually pretty big for a country football ground, maybe as big as the G?. Don’t think I ever played a game and won there, it’s a ■■■■ hole