Replay/Torrent/Download R1


Because they’re carnts.


Are you saying there is no way at all to transfer stuff off the box’s HD to any other medium? DVD USB etc, … nothing?


Not according to the Foxtel guys. I assume the issue is if you could, then effectively you would have a digital copy of anything they showed. So I can understand that.

But you would think they’d have it so it does allow transfer to one of their own boxes. Anyone who could beat that system isn’t going to need a second box to get the data out anyway.


Ok. Well in that case I imagine you coukd do it the slow not so easy way, … that being the same as getting VHS or HandyCam video digitised as mentioned in another thread.

Hopefully the box has AV outs for the TV to plug into a laptop or PC via the AV to USB lead mentioned there, or, if it’s only HDMI out to Telly, most Lappys etc have that port, … and while I’ve never done it with HDMI, I’d be 99% sure it can be done, and it’s just as simple, maybe simpler.


If you use firefox, you can use flash video downloader to download the replay from the AFL website, so long as you have access to it.