Replay/Torrent/Download R1

#163 is back on, stream only though


Wow. What dark magic is this.



Blitz delivers


It’s working overseas now too. Amazing.


Awesome share but only a couple of hours worth watching so far


Can someone please send me an invite for

I’m travelling through central asia so the wifi isn’t good enough for streaming. And i don’t know why but every account of mine on has been banned due to seeding ratios…despite me constantly seeding over years.

#169 invite???

Desperate :slight_smile:


Has anyone been able to download yesterday’s game - doesn’t seem to be available on Estonian site

Edit: Up now


I’ve got One invite available.
The issue is that you need a ratio of 1:1 to be able to send them, which is pretty hard to achieve.

I keep trying to seed new games but they always end up dead before I make any inroads in my ratio.

Their answer is to donate - and the ratio fixes itself.


It’s extremely easy to maintain a ratio greater than 1:1.

Uploading gets you bonus points per hour even if no one downloads from you. Then you trade the points in for download credit.


Excuse my technology ignorance…but when you say trade, do you actually have to click some buttons on the site? Or it just detects it automatically?


As I recall you’ll see your bonus points up at the top right: click on them, and choose your preferred trade-in.


It’s only been in the last 4 months that I’ve had good enough internet to be able to seed decently which has kept my ratio in check. But before that I just had my torrent program running any time I was on the internet. Always had plenty of points to cash in.


Oh right thanks. Wish I knew that 3 banned accounts ago! A lot of bonus points wasted.


You’ve seen the shoutbox there that you can ask any question about all this in yes??


No I will have a look though. Cheers


Does any computer bod know what’s happening to It’s an excellent site for replays but there is a message about it ‘deprecating’ and potentially being turned off.


Deprecated . In the world of software development, " deprecated " refers to functions or elements that are in the process of being replaced by newer ones.

That probably doesn’t help much but in my experience it means, “We’re gonna try to upgrade the site and in the process we’ll probably ■■■■ it up”


PM’d the operator about it. It’s all that can be done.

It would be disappointing if it went to God.


Upgrading my Foxtel box from IQ2 to IQ4. Which means I lose all my saved games. Goodbye win this year against WCE. Goodbye 2016 wins against Carlton and Melbourne.

Also losing the first Azerbaijan GP, which was an absolute stoker that Ricardo won. Had everything.

It sucks.

Why the hell haven’t they got a system to transfer data from the old box to the new box???