Return of The Reserves

So Barrett (yes i know) on the footy show (yes i know) was going with the AFL having a full reserves comp featuring all 18 clubs.

Raises a few interesting questions.

Will the games be curtain raisers?
How will lists work, will they be expanded to cater for a reserves side?
Will the supplementry list make a return?
Will we go back to tac cup/2nds/1st GF day format?
Will this kill the state leagues in particular the VFL?

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I don’t know but it’s a stupid idea

I’d rather see a return of the Foxtel Cup, but expanded to all VFL, SANFL, WAFL teams, plus a few selected from the non-traditional states.


Does anyone still watch The Footy Show?
If so, why?


Could kill the VFL, the other state leagues might be okay. Edit: The VFA club’s could reform the VFA, and have a few extra clubs like Prahran, maybe Fitzroy.

Port are an interesting case. Their reserves team is the Port Magpies, they wanted to be one club instead of two. Do they have a Power reserves in this comp, and leave the Magpies?

That was a god idea at the time, but not good viewing. Different state leagues play footy very differently, it made for ugly viewing.

Hell no!
The fans of SANFL have been wanting this for a while and are dead against AFL reserves in our comp. The sooner Port and the Crows are out the better

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Did he say why the AFL wants to do this? I don’t see money in it.

Or was it just in his imagination?


According to him the AFL ARE doing this

Will say though the potential of the full 3 games on gf day is exciting

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Couldn’t this be part of the AFL’s pre-main match entertainment idea?

The idea is kicking up a bit of nostalgia for me.
Turning up an hour or so early, finding your seat, having a snack, paying no attention at all to the reserves playing in front of us until suddenly you’d hear the crowd go ‘ohhhhhh’ for a tackle or a speccie, and polite golf claps for a goal.
It’s kinda nice.

Completely disrespectful, but still kinda nice.

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Thats what its doing for me. My brother and I begging mum to leave early so we could watch the reserves

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People at SANFL HQ have already had discussions and believe it will be going ahead in 2019


It’s an incentive to turn up early and not pay for a reserved seat because you’ll have first choice. That’s just one reason the AFL should be dead against it.

(We have quite a few double headers this year, especially towards the end of the season… VFL+VFLW, sometimes in that order and sometimes the opposite.)

So there’d be two Port Adelaide clubs? After they spent all that time and effort to be one club?

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Can I ask why the SANFL fans don’t want AFL reserves in their comp? From my understanding, they’re not dominating the competition.

It’s happened in Victoria for 20 odd years, kept the VFA clubs relevant.

How many of our games aren’t reserved though?

Im actually looming forward to this. Especially the curtain raiser element to it. The only issue i could see with timung is the for the 1.10 sunday games youd have to start the 2s at 10 or maybe earlier

I’m all for it personally. Should hopefully lead to a higher standard competition for those who don’t make seniors. Most clubs either have a standalone reserves team in their respective competitions or are moving in that direction anyway.


nothing wrong with any of that
I don’t know how this would work logistically nor the impact on the interstate sides and the current VFL clubs - but I note Aceman’s comments. And if it happens, it needs to be done in a way that works for everyone, as best as possible.

But yes, the nostalgia angle and the ability to rock up early to the ground (which I now have general admission means I do so I can bag a good seat) and watch the other players on the list do their stuff sounds good at the personal level.