Review - Heaved hoed. 2023

Fremantle are a bang average team, and we made them look very good


Not Merrett.

The Merrett, Hobbs and Caldwell combo has been working well.


Whole modern game is built on leg speed and run.

Truly baffling to drop Hind and Mass and play 4 talls. (Granted Flip can’t solo ruck)

Weid out……run in.


Ineffective forward line ;

NOTHING from 2MP or Wead
After that, Langers not sighted compounded by and awful game from Snelling, Perkins and Guelfi.

Could not hold a mark inside 50 after 1/2 way through the first quarter and could not hold the ball in there. Big reason we lost tonight.

The main reason was 4 goals to 0 from centre clearances which is normally our game.

The maggots didn’t help at one point the frees were 2 x ours. We are never going to win the free kick count there

That’s the game right there


Exactly this.

oh no, a lot of was learned, like weid is somehow more disappointing than shiel.

Totally controlled the first quarter and went in behind. Could never get the control back.

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As putrid as we were tonight we were still a chance in the last 10 minutes, why do we still man zones and let them chip the ball around and waste time. We had the momentum. Dumb footy if you ask me.


But how else will this current crop of gun youngsters learn the Essendon way?

We actually still sit 6th.

We have plenty of time to ■■■■ it.

I hope Brad goes scorched earth in the rooms they deserve it


Will probably lose 4-5 in a row

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■■■■ shiel and Parish off, still need a lot more re building to get the balance right. Looked like a bottom four team tonight.

Given they were all terrible- although Hobbs, Flip and Heppell tried - let’s hope it’s a one off.

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I thought we looked good in the first 10 mins


They lost by 70 points last week.

His greatest attribute is dropping marks and standing still afterwards.


Never go full nino

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So, who’s going to create the VOTES thread?

i said so in the match thread, but i refuse to believe that brad scott who always had genuine small forwards in his side decides to put our only inform one as sub for a tall.