Review the Klan game - ANZAC Day 2023

No one gives a toss about the return bout…or do 94000 turn up to that game to?

Geelong will smash us (again). Are we tired of losing every year to the same clubs? The AFL said success was cyclical!

Very unusual to hear editorialising from someone presenting a medal

We are NOT a young team.


who would you say was the third best player?
Duzza for taking Pendelbury out of the match. and we still couldn’t win it.

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We had so few chances in last quarter and botched them all

Weideman hits the post

Draper missed set shot

Menzie rushed snap when had more time and misses


Not great but the fwds also needed more opportunities and we didn’t give them anywhere near enough. Midfield demolished. Our supposed ruck dominance wasn’t seen at all


Pies are a very good side and have to give them kudos though. Kents


The Hepp handball resulting in a turnover is as much a team mistake as it is an individual one. You look upfield and see nothing? That’s because your teammates have hung you out to dry.


Sir, this is a family forum.


We just stopped completely

How? Just how?

I agree. You have to take your opportunities when they are in front of you. That game was there for the team. They spent 3/4s setting it up and then when challenged balls it up.

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We beat Melbourne and GWS this year and lost to both last year.

He did this 3 times


I’m a Heppell basher but I agree

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It’s a family winery, I’ll send you a bottle.

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today showed that despite pretty much keeping a side scoreless for 2 qtrs, once you break through our defence, you score a goal.

it took 2 qtrs of collingwood playing well to out do 4 qtrs of effort.

that rings alarm bells condiering our next run of games.

but hey, after that we get to “supposedly” beat up on some lesser sides, so no doubt jake the “match winner” will shine bright like a diamond

The Weideman shot could have put an end to the whole thing.

But it was already over when Draper got his free kick.


I’m so glad I didnt go to the game today.

I’m so over these sh*t loses

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Got smashed in midfield by a team with no rucks.

Parish, Shiel and Setters couldn’t get it done without Merrett.
Hammered in there.

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