Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


We were fantastic all things considered. Go Dons.

Match night thread 2018 R21 vs Saints

Just a reminder that some St Kilda plonker called Bailey still hasn’t overtaken Goddard’s dreamteam score despite playing out the game.


Umpiring? Gawd…if you’re complaining about the umpiring tonight…you’d complain every week.

Oh…you do?


Looking forward to about 6 changes next week. Fark.


great character bombers, i was wrong about you tonight. many apologies.


We’re gonna struggle to field a team against Richmond




Can the most unbiased, objective and level headed person in this thread who watched the game please indicate what they thought of the umpiring tonight.


If you look up the term gutsy and character, you would get a picture of our win tonight

Just tremendous heart and courage by the boys with so many guys going down to grind the the victory


Is there such a person?


Oh and eat a giant bag stkilda, we had so many players out during the game and we STILL beat you by 43 points

Fold and die you urinal cake of a club


The Francis love in the circle is just heartwarming stuff. Also Conor seemed extra excited after the game. Good to see.


Didn’t think it favoured one side or the other though.
We got a few rubbishy ones earlier, they got a few rubbishy square ups back late.


We got a good run. Certainly couldn’t complain tonight.


Umpiring was great

Stkilda are farked LOL Carlol you cokchead


Was ok. A couple of dodgy decisions both ways. Favoured us in the end I thought.


Good mental toughness!


Months of good form.



Urianal cake of a club! Raoflmao!


Love Tanner’s vest. Can you get them in the Bombershop?