Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


Losing Goddard and Saad so early was a major blow and, earlier this year, the structures would have fallen apart. Instead the boys played great football for most of the game, controlling the tempo beautifully when we might have run out of legs. Obviously Tippa was on fire but I thought Myers had his best game for the club. Langford was influential, McKenna and Fanta really turned on the fireworks at times, ably assisted by McGrath. Jake did some solid bodywork, Hepps was brilliant as was Smith. If Saad and Goddard hadn’t gone down I venture to say that it would have been a slaughter.


I stood behind Stants at a VFL match and at one point heard the familiar cry emanating from the wheelchair. Stants turns around, shakes his head and says “Jeez Stevie”.

He’s ■■■■■■ annoying but I’m pretty fond of the little bugger.


Sucks that we’re going to miss the finals but our talent pool in that 19-24 range is awesome. Keep this group together and we’ll start smashing teams.


After the first 3 minutes I thought here we go OH BABY we’re finally going to club a side by 100+.

Then the following 45 minutes was completely fkn diabolically putrid, what followed after that was a very enjoyable 2nd half.

Just throw the kitchen sink at Richmond next week and see how we go.


Carey’s big call before the game: TIPPA to kick five goals for the first time. Sure that’s a bit of random luck, but geez he must wonder why everyone else there is so clueless and annoying.


LOL, I wouldn’t have a clue who we preferred if we only had 1 pick. But we got #5(#6 after Hopper’s pick) for Carlisle which we used on Francis.

But if I did speculate on who we’d have gone with 1 pick it would be Parish. We picked him first, we needed mids, and if Carlisle had stayed no need of Francis.


That’s debatable


Yep, I too know for a fact Connors uses Browne quite a bit to push his barrow.
Shiel will get to us or at the very least get a nice pay rise from GWS


Goddard said when interviewed he’d be getting scans tomorrow. So that sounds wrong.


St Kilda are atrocious.


M&M blues :joy:


Yep. you win


If we had kicked straighter and had full rotations we would of put up a cricket score against them. We missed some real easy ones especially in the 3rd.


4 K - 0 H - 4 D 0 M - 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 guts.


When did we win our last final?


And if you don’t listen he’ll smack you across the chops with a wine glass.




When Pannell gave Hooker that free and then 50 I knew it was going to be our night.


Essington reared it’s head early plus injuries but I think those last few goals in second half snuffed out saints hopes.


That was pretty full of heart and skill from 5 min to go in the 2nd to the end.

Plenty of under 24’s in that side.
Future very bright.

As for the Saints…oh the poor carnts are ■■■■■