Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


Someone asked how the umpires faired.

I thought they were pretty average. As per usual they lack the consistency across the 3 officials. Parnell had a hand full of his howlers but he was much better than usual.

The young bloke, looked like he was only recently promoted to the AFL, he lacked any understanding of flow or consistency. Ie. didn’t pay 50 meters when a St. Kilda player ran through the mark, but payed 50 meter penalty (and a goal) when Fantasia gave away a freekick in a marking contested.

He also payed a freekick in the goal square to st. Kilda, when Brown spoiled the contest and slightly grabbed an arm after the ball was spoiled. The hold had no influence on the marking contest.

Then up the other end 1 min late, the same thing happened to Tippa in a marking contest.
No free kick.


Unwritten rule of umpiring: when a fight breaks out, get the ball moving asap.
If the ball is in close proximity of a fight, get it out of there.

There’s been many times over the years, when an all in brawl breaks out…I’ve literally, picked up the ball and thrown it to some random player about run in to the brawl and said “mate, your free kick”.

He runs off, looking to grab an easy goal. While both teams are throwing blows.
Nothing breaks up a fight quicker.


Good to see us getting back to some direct, accountable footy.

I think Woosha and the selectors deserve a lot of credit for the win. Woosha gets blasted on here frequently for his preference for match fit, experienced players at the expense of ‘the kids’. But that experience and fitness counted bigtime last night, with players switching roles and carrying a huge workload. Fitness counts.


Yeah I get that. It just doesn’t go our way…from Pannell too often.


Dad must be an evil farker to name your son after a cooked sausage so you can give him a nickname.


Was at the game and while Saad was knocked unconscious waiting for the stretcher Aints fans were predictably yelling at us to give him some peptides and get him back up.
I was so glad we pumpled this shitte stain of a club. Even my Saint supporting mate was predicting a merger with Norff.

Good to see the boys have resilience under pressure. Well, the pressure was from lack of players, not the Aints.


Hahaha peptides…love my peptides


Stevie’s a ■■■■.
Source: a mate’s dad who he punched in the nads.


Reckon i could have counted the amount of saints fans there by hand. There was legit about 15 people in their cheer squad


Need a gif of Hooker’s puffed chest and head wobble after the mark on Carlisle.


A very nice morning read


I don’t like saints either but that that punishment does not fit any crime in the history of crime related activity.
That’d be on par with Fitzroy.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned or anyone else noticed it, but after Freeman kicked his first goal in AFL footy every single St Kilda player sprinted to get to him on the ground to show support…except one who walked away to the backline.

Thank god Carlisle left, ■■■■ bloke, ■■■■ team mate.


I went and watched a blockbuster at Etihad against Brisbane a few years ago. The team ran out and the droopy, miserable, moaning git walked, yes walked, out 30 metres behind them.
Epitome of a $hit bloke. Although at least he got us a trade. But $hit bloke all the same.


Watching the replay. I’m deadset sympathetic for Richardson. His team flat out suck.


I wanted him to get the job over knights. And Hardwick.
St Kilda are coach killers. Although Watters was flat out useless.


His long term plan appears to have been convincing Reiwoldt to play until he was 40.
Appears not to have been thrown by his retirement.
Pinned a lot on McCartin.


…for wearing long sleeves.

Made it easier to know who to boo-urns when the play was on the other side of the ground.


Yup, coaches fully deserved that one. Well done to the players as well for shifting around too. I thought Mcgrath switching was pivotal too, he had a great game.


I think hes just about my favourite atm, since his stint up forward last year hes turned into a fkn beast.

Forward or back hes developed such physical presence.