Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


Another pretty good thing:

All had pretty bad games last week. All bounced back strongly this week. Big tick.


I thought we had the better of it overall, but I’d like to know how 3 umpires missed that hit on Saad. Who actually made the report? If it was one of the field umpires and not the emergency umpire, why wasn’t there a free kick paid?. Saints were allowed to keep the ball in the goal square and kicked a goal after the stretcher went off.


Whens the last time a club looked absolutely bereft of any stars? St Kilda’s talent is more shallow than any club including GC.

Was plain to see last night.


I’m not sure Hurley bounced back.

To be honest I’m not sure what’s happened to him. I feel the Franklin game was an outlier because he so often gets beaten in one on ones.

Watching him live he often watches the player and then completely misreads te ball. His
Mitts are also an issue.

On TV he looked great. 21 disposals as the switch player but where it counts in the contest he was almost always beaten followed by him beating himself.


A free kick was paid and we took the advantage


Just terribly coached. Playing front running football without the skill to back it up.

Remember about this time last year when they THRASHED the Tigers? Bet neither group of fans knew what the next 12 months had in store when they left the ground that night


That’s not what it looked like on the TV coverage. However the coverage was pretty ordinary crossing to players on the bench while the action was still going on on the field.


This is 100% right.

In fact, a couple of years ago, channel 7’s then head of football was asked by a group of player agents to promote Tom Browne more (at the expense of Mark Stephens). That’s because he’s not a journalist, and will just do their bidding, reporting whatever they tell him too.

Browne’s “inside info” is almost entirely fed to him by player agents, so a lot of what he reports is just noise to help in contract negotiations.


They’ve got some handy players but their forward line is in an absolute mess. 3rd year rookie ruckman and a 188cm “sharpshooter” who can’t hit the side of a barn.

Currently they’re trying to kick scores with smalls & mid-sized on hit-up leads, which really needs complete control of the ball and very good skills. Which they don’t have.

If they had a big ape to kick to, they’d get a lot more value out of their entries, be able to hold the ball up there much easier and bring their smalls into it.


Didn’t we ask for Billings in the Carlisle trade and they laughed at us? Glad that one didn’t eventuate…


I reckon there’s still hope there with Billings. With Raz, Tippa and Smith if we play him half forward its tough to see if he fits in but automatically you’d see him as an upgrade on Colyer.


billings has so much talent if he was at a competent club his career could be saved.

plus hes an angry little ■■■■.


But no fifty metre penalty compared to the 50 given against Fantasia!


Billings and Carlisle are both overrated. Billings would be costly and is inconsistent and a particularly poor kick at goal. Carlisle picks and chooses when to have a crack and all he appears to wants to do now is peel off uncontested.


Are we stll in the finals hunt or not?


Donnington pls…


Mathematically yes.

But realistically no.


Not really. I think the team we field next week will give us little chance. I think Hooker will get suspended and without knowing it would be doubtful that they’d take a chance on Saad and Fanta. With Tigers and then Port away we really need a very fit full strength side which we won’t get unfortunately. Great last 12 weeks however. Good platform.


Dea for Goddard

Stewart for Hooker if I can’t play

Laverde for Orazio if can’t play

Saad will be ok


Poor kick at goal = welcome to Essendon.

Carlisle is their best player. If we had him still we could play Hooker and Joey up forward permanently. I still rate him even if I dislike the fella.