Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


We should’ve sniped the Fark out of Brown or one of their playmakers post the saad bump.
Forget the red card, if Brown was off we should’ve taken one of theirs regardless. As much as people hate it, the ruthless Kent factor is a critical part of a good team.


I loved his passes from CHB to the HFF’s.


Prosciutto Smith


My heavens yes.

They actually broke through 5-6 times but had to stop when they saw what they had to kick to. Need to get a big ape forward, even if it’s a Redpath or someone. Just for their crumbers to work off. Membrey’s not that.


Lol James Kelly’s smile on his face when Brian Taylor wanted talk to him.



Luncheon meat Smith.


We all said that this year.


An interview with CONNOR. Mint.


Was he actually speaking English? I think I understood about one word in five. At best.


I didn’t even notice Brown the weak cnt after he killed Saad.


I’d like to thank Carlisle for leaving… Parish was awesome again tonight. Going to be a midfield star for years to come.

Oh and tonight was an amazing effort and showed that we are developing a bit of the mental toughness required to take the next step. Could have thrown the bundle in but steadied and then held comfortably.

With Goddard down, Saad Down and Hooker Down… the defence held firm and the guys who dropped back all stepped up. Added to the fact that Hurley had a down night… we did really well to contain them as much as we did.

Heppell was awesome, same with Walla. Myers one of his best games… Stringer just keeps doing the team stuff - great! Smith is a true gun and had plenty of mates. Langford just looks completely at home at the level now. Merrett a champion. Midfield starting to look very blue chip but not afraid of some work.

Can only keep hoping the chips will fall our way because this team deserves finals… they are good enough for finals. Only themselves to blame and I hope this isn’t the season that got away.

Oh and coaching moves were very good tonight. Very impressive.


just when I thought conor was starting to speak English! I didn’t understand a word.


Strass ham


his head clearly hits the shoulder BT you freaking ibis





Tom Browne is a pelican. Stiff as a board.


Pretty even.


I feel like something is wrong with me. He makes sense to me.


He is a pelican


We got twice as many frees.

I reckon we got the rub of the green tonight.