Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries



We don’t want anyone else to hear that! Keep the voice down!


He loves @barnz, unban @Donnington.


All Jake’s aside though he is a nice guy.


WTF? ETC…Green wasn’t playing so no rub?


Crap umpiring both ways. None of those umpires are finals ready.

Great win.


We are so boned for next week with injuries.



Btw guys, … CoNor. :smirk:


Our defence looked exposed at times without Hooker. Missing a tall forward. Stewart if BJ doesn’t get up, or even if he does.


imagine if they interviewed conor.


Officially your fault when we get smashed next week


We won the Carlisle trade.



Another good win again this time with extra ticker after all the injuries.

Saints are a disaster it has to be said.

Pity with all the injuries that means we’ll struggle to put out a full’ish strength team next week to test ourselves against the best.


holy ■■■■ that is next level awesome!


He got his coffee win/win


Ahhh yup.


Thanks Lovett!


You probably know far more. But I thought we were taking Francis, if he was available, with our top pick (be it 5 or 6) and thus Parish was the ‘bonus’ pick up…

Either way… I reckon we did well out of that trade. Thought so at the time too.


@Stallion @benfti


Should keep our Guernseys rigged with the Collars I reckon.


But this time, it’s diffferent.