Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


When I first seen it, I honestly thought he was trying to knock the ball out.

If Jones cops a fine for connecting a jab on Merrett’s chin. Hooker will prob cop a small fine imo.


Is there a worse sponsor for anything anywhere than, DARE iced coffee?


What a miserable mob they are. They did pretty well to get their 2,000 fans there. What per cent of their supporter base were alive for their premiership? No wonder they signify the event with a cross on the jumper.

I know where they are on the ladder, but how can you get done like that by a team who had two in the bench fifteen minutes in and then four for an entire quarter. Surely when it’s 22-18 and a team is about to take the foot off you win the quarter by more than 3 points.

Sadly for those who do support the saints, they need to be shut down.


Pepper money?


Reporter: Hi Conor. How do you think you played tonight?
Conor: Weeeel, I tort I plaaaayd owlrite an wos veeerrrry apy tow av kicd a goorl.
Translation: Well, I thought I played alright and was very happy to have kicked a goal.

Hope this helps


He’d know also

Connors always doing his media work through Browne

Welcome to EFC Dylan Shiel


does connors pay for browne’s face freezing?


St kilda are ■■■■■■■ putrid, like I honestly can’t remember walking out of a game and all I can think about is just how putrid and pathetic and insipid the other team was. Our 2016 team would have won tonight

If we had our full rotations they:

  1. wouldn’t have kicked more than 8 goals.
  2. we would have been pushing 30 goals

I feel sorry for the 500 or so fans of theirs who bothered to turn up to watch that pathetic excuse of a football team.

If we had have played them after ANZAC day we would have still won by 5 goals


Rewatching the game. Like that Goddard was watching the Saad hit on the bench with them doc and getting visibly annoyed over it. He ■■■■■ me sometimes, but he’s a bomber through and through.

Also, Wayne Carey is the one calling the Saad hit dangerous and unreasonable? You know it’s bad when that happens.


I’ve found Carey to be quite a no nonsense and objective commentator. When he speaks I tend to listen because often what he says is spot on


No matter what else happens, or the mistakes he makes etc… Goddard has fully embraced this club and I can’t fault him for that reason. Absolutely bleeds red and black and is as passionate as any fan.

One of those guys that deserved more team success and a premiership really. Has had an unbelievable career. I still think he is worth another year contract on minimum/moderate money (if he would take it)… is like an onfield coach, can play a variety of positions and would give great depth.


3 votes Tippa, 5 Goals




Yep. Hate him for his past if you want, … but he’s one of the very few worth listening to, … and coincidentally, … one of the least annoying.

Non Babbler.


When the guys own coach said it was late you know he’s farked…


There’s no genius in commenting on a hit that’s at least three seconds after the ball has been disposed of. Saad had been a target from the first bounce, you could see that as it happened - though it was supposed to be a bit more tidy.


After.the Saad incident it was nice to see Jakey Stringer really bury that Stkilda turd in a tackle to set up the Tippa goal.

Also liked Myers throwing the footy in that spuds face at 3 quarter tiime.


Saints fan are so classy:

  1. During the 1st quarter. That Tipungwuti is so overrated, all he does is run and chase and put on a bit of pressure

  2. Final quarter Stevie rolls past in his wheelchair yelling go bombers and big tough Saints fan looks at him and yells, “shut the fark up!” Unbelievable.


one day bellys gonna absolute deck a ■■■■.


To be fair even Essendon supporters tell Stevie to STFU.