Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


Thanks Eddie


I love Stevie, gave him a high five and we both told the Saints guy to go fark himself.


Imagine being Alan Richardson right now.

“I’m getting sacked in the morning”


He’s a legend no doubt about it.


I don’t get it. Thanks but, always nice to get a reply.


He does seem to bottle it.


Seriously? If I don’t hear or see him during the game, it’s not the same. He is Essendon.


Fair call.


Really impressive to match them for goals in that last quarter. Reckon we’re farked for next week, but good on the boys for running it out and easily securing the points tonight.


Cept when he’s wearin dawks colours


the bullshi t chant after that free kick to them in the square was pretty epic. even the second tier where I was got involved. great effort by the boys tonight…hopefully the injured guys get up for next week!


Go on…


Just sayin, he likes football


Great win. Hopefully a defining moment in the development of the team.

McGrath, Parish and Myers had their best games for the Club.
Brown is very under-rated. He continually works and presents.

The only player I thought had a poor game was Hurley, again. Hurley being the kick-out guy or the switch it thru guy isn’t good for us - bad things usually happen.


Interesting to see both Bags and Brown playing in the backline. Who were our forwards? Stringer, Tippa, Bellchambers sometimes.


Myers & Langford spent more time forward


I learned a fair bit more about Smith, tonight, from that brief interview with his Dad.


That was low key awkward.


I literally just yelled out to Stevie from a cab as he was rolling down to South Melbourne
He gave us his usual “go Bombers” back


Pretty even I thought. There were some howlers, one holding the ball that wasn’t given a free to the Saints was laughable, as was a blatantly high tackle that wasn’t paid to Tippa…but at least it felt pretty even, all things considered.