Review thread - Dons down the Suns


Most pleasing part for me is that in the past few seasons we fold like lawn chairs when GC got the run on in the 3rd.

Just put our heads down and got to work. Incredibly pleasing and shows what BDB is trying to do


Best thing about the game, winning. Worst thing about the game, the constant sooking by posters 5 minutes in and for the rest of the match every time the Gold Coast kicked a goal. It’s almost like they expect that the opposition won’t actually try to win and when they do try, our team is ■■■■. ■■■■■■ me off.


aren’t they yet to beat us in melbourne?

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Battle of the best “vibe” next week.


He turned the game in the last bit his effort all game was superb

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Hope it’s a light sprain and not a syndesmosis

McG’s two shocker kicks were so bad they stick in your memory

He’s real iffy on medium kicks, okay on long kicks but his short chip kicks at full speed are elite, elite i’m telling you

when he gets a handball receive and can chip kick and receive it up the ground off numerous players, he cuts the opposition to bits

His first gear isn’t that quick and his top speed is not at true elite but is pretty fast, but his 2nd, 3rd and cruising speed is super fast and he can maintain it longer than most players (over 100 metres). He was a hurdles champion after all.

The defend well and rebound dashing runs off HB getting involved multiple times to turn games was what made him rated the best in the draft as a jnr

Like Langford, should be left there because it’s where he helps the team the best

Some of our best plays was Zerrett/McG linking up with McG coming off the backline to support

The mids have a really good connection with Andy

So much to like about positioning and structure today

So many positive signs


I know they’ve (Saints) been impressive to begin the year…

But considering the venue, St Kilda’s massive injury list and our very good recent record against them… I’m a bit surprised the bookies have opened us as $2.30 outsiders for that game.

An excellent 4 quarter performance.

Well hes unbeaten.

Lets wait until we play a top 8 side.

Still good win I think given our outs


I thought Setterfield was a great pickup, but geez he has had a unbelievable start.


Should shut up a few on here. Great game



This years Peter Wright


I’m not. They would have referenced the pre - season game against us and concluded that the Saints should win.

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Peaking in March, classic st Kilda vibes

The saints should win. They haave been very good.

Reckon we could knock off the doggies by 9 goals?


Saints have beaten better opposition than us.

If we had beaten Freo and Dogs we would be favourites.

we have beaten 2 sides that the swans flogged.

St Kilda will be missing 5 of their top 10 players next week.

I know all Ross sides are always “in the game” but the dam wall will break at some point. Hopefully next week…

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I watched the saints game yesterday. They played much better than we did today. They deserve favouritism IMO.