Review thread - Dons down the Suns

The Saints at the G are different to the Saints at Marvel.

Reckon we do them there. Especially with Steele missing.

Fremantle lost to North last night. At home.


yeh but pundits still go off last years ladder if they were finalists.

The doggies were terrible, and may in fact be no good.


saints’ll beat us

so will the doggies, umps get up for doggies games vs us, like they put on lipstick and anice thong and pack extra lube for those games


I thought we were defensively good all day but sloppy around the contest. Happy that we won ugly.

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We will do the saints by 6 goals


Arguably we might be too.

BZT, Weideman(potentially) 2MP

Then depth like Stewart,Reid, maybe even Cox

That’s all key position talent. Not all top 10 but it hurts when your spineless.

Its going to blow up in our face sooner or later.

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That would have to be Langford’s best game at the club.

now i do feel silly for saying he was fringe (due to injury comeback) leading into round 1 and thought it was odd that he was played at half back, but geez games like that you want him to stay permanent forward.


The Langford played with such confidence and inspired others.
Someone’s been encouraging him.


Does our intraclub result count?


We have a few to come in. Stringer, Voss might get a chance, Baldwin been great as a backman and can come in, Weid to come back.

Our team next week will be strong.


Unlike Degoey who’d be in crutches and on ice


I’m glad someone said it.
He doesn’t get votes, is closer to the worst on ground than the best, but he is key to our game plan.

All he and Drapes needed to do was get up the ground, be a target and contest to bring it to ground and let our forwards do the work.

We also had to pick our spots to play quick footy, because there were no tall targets up forward.
Great patient game plan by the coaches and the players ran it well.


“2MP’s out, Langers, there’s an opportunity for you”


the only reason GC stayed with us were terrible ump decisions at momentum times in the first half

our own terrible decisions and brain fades in the first half

our inability to hit targets in our forwardline in the first half

our inability to kick easy set shot and open goals in the first half

we had most of the momentum for most of the game, we were our own worst enemy

also hepp was absolutely killing our momentum

looks like an even older old man than he looked last year, where he looked and played like an old man

mind and heart is there, but body just cannot keep up, looked shocked and dejected when they handed him the red sash and found out he was the sub

was happy for the team when the siren went tho, think he’s only a handful of games left in him


I’m claiming credit for the win. I was listening to the game on the radio whilst painting a set of shelves. When GC got a run on at the start of the third I turned my cap around backwards and we kicked on from there.

You’re welcome, everyone.


yep umps crucified us early, took away all momentum.

But the suns also missed plenty of gettable shots.


Phillips plays like a huge lump of a human who knows they aren’t that skilled, but by standing and jumping in exactly the right position on a football field for 4 qtrs over and over, can have such a huge impact on their teams ability to win

He’s just so gigantic that in any marking contest he blocks up so much space it causes a spill

But he also runs, and throws his gigantic mass around

Occassionally gets a decent ruck tap, but yeah, his hands are not great in marking the ball but his handballing is fair decent though


Fake footy

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