Review Thread: Ess vs Syd

Score-board defintely flattered the Swans.


Don't think we were THAT bad, but IMO players still affected of ASADA saga. 

Played some of our best football on months.

I don’t really know what to make of that game tbh.

We weren’t anywhere near as bad as the last couple of weeks, but we still weren’t very good.

Fair to say nothing went our way the the maggots were outright cheating. The swans won’t kick that accurately again this year.

It’s a familiar story though: defence did almost as well as they could in the circumstances, the mids were beaten and the forward line was mostly non-existent.

Anyway, the worst part by far was the carnt a few rows back who quoted Dwayne 10 times a quarter.

Plenty to work on over the break for our boys.

Looking forward to next year.


Love to get Howlett, Winders and Chapman back in. Need some more leaders.

Time to unleash Gregory.

Abominable first quarter but quite a few positives after that:


The longer the game went, the better TBC got....this allowed Paddy to go forward and actually gave us a marking target (if only he could have kicked straight).


You can see Dempsey getting better as his match fitness improves...sure he made some errors but he was back providing valuable link ups through the middle of the ground.


Zach Merrett is going to be a gun...he is just so poised and some of his kicks were superb.


Zaka played probably his best game of the year and his efforts in the third quarter were his head over the ball and ran all night.


I'm not one that usually spends too much time bagging the umpires but they were abysmal tonight...if only the ■■■■■■ would umpire both sides the same way :angry:

This sport and just about everyone associated with it outside Essendon are pieces of sh-t. I think I’m done with it.

Nine goals a game won't win too many games.


Essendon had a go tonite after quarter time, but by then the game was over.


Glad to see the stop and go backwards game style wasn't so evident tonite, maybe forced by a 7 goal deficit or has the penny FINALLY dropped?


Too many holes in Essendon's midfield and forward line for Essendon to be much of a threat to decent sides.  A finish around 12th or 13th for me.

I haven't been so fired up at the maggots in a very long time. Those soft free's in the first half cost us about 5 goals I rekon..


Didn't help Swans couldn't miss to save themselves..


Just one of those nights everything went wrong, too many turnovers and Syd didn't miss.


one positive is Zach Merrett. WOW, can thet boy kick.. I think we've really found one there.

It's the GAP year.

what was good:


TBell got better as the game went on. He will make a difference in the second half of the season


Zac Merrett is already awesome


Zaca much, much better


Ryder looked  good coming out of the square (the TBell effect)


Jake kicking two goals after he came on and showing what he can do

I think today we just weren't good enough. 


Even with Chappy and Winders in, also if Bomber played Carlile back we would have still been beated. Sydney are just THAT good at the moment.


Beaten convincingly by the inform team who would have smashed Hawthorn last week if not for their missed shots on goals.


We'll make the 8 but we won't be doing much in there.

We weren’t a nine goal worse team than Sydney and we certainly didn’t get any favours done by the maggots especially early which set the tone. As I walked out of the game I said to my mate that it’s a worry when the highlight is a maggot getting ko’d.

How Hurley didn’t even get a free when Hannebery looked at him then decided to bump him in the head I don’t know.

And one thing, why the fark were there Swans supporters in the Essendon members area, fark me it should be packed with Red and Black.

Like aylett and Zachary merett and Ambrose tonight.

Interested in bombers press conference.

Bassett has some work to do with the forwards. Now he has a spare ruck plus gets chappy back and winders next week.

Gonna be hard to make finals, we played well and still got pumped. Swans were seriously on tonight, kicking straight and having the run of the play.

Few shocking decision from the ump at critical time took the wind out of us.

Break can’t come quick enough.

We need to play our next tier players and protect our older guys for next year. Obrien and KAV need to come in so we can find out if they are going to make it.

This sport and just about everyone associated with it outside Essendon are pieces of sh-t. I think I'm done with it.

Its hard ■■■■■■■ work. Dont want to abandon the club but would love to abandon afl fullstop.

Did not enjoy that at all. Watching footy is meant to be a good release after a crap week at work. Umpires were appalling, commentators appalling and our stop stop stop fumble fumble fumble footy was appalling. 2014 season has been the hardest in 4 decades of supporting the club.

Sydney are a decent team hitting their straps and they really caught us off guard. We matched them for the next 3 quarters but absolutely nothing went right - 50s, poor brain fades, shocking umpiring. We worked hard for little reward with poor kicking for goal, and you just knew they were never gonna miss.

Good signs:

  • tough play as the game worn on
  • Jobe and Goddard willing us
  • Heppell’s consistency
  • Zaka went very nicely tonight. HUGE 3rd quarter
  • Belly got better as the game went on
  • Zerrett was a ripper
  • Hooker solid, bar a few slip ups
  • Big guys kicked 6? of our goals