Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


Find a reason to complain about an 8 goal win over an undefeated side.

Aaaaaaannnnnd - go




‘Studs up’


Saad is not given a fair run by the umpires


Round 3, 2019 = Round 9, 2018


Was listening on the radio. Triple M unlistenable, the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

Otherwise not much to complain about.


Yep. Starting to look that way


Paul Turk 2019 = Mark Neeld 2018?


How is it that we overwhelmingly get smashed in the free kick after a dominant display. See also West Coke game last year. Mind boggling…


Hipwood is a farking dog and his beady, moonshine womb, inbred eyes are too close together.

Farking DOG. hope you cop the lot ya farking mutt.


Mason Redman’s hair


Bit disappointed Tippa didn’t kick 10.


Shiel and Heppell need to spend a lot of time on the training track and clean up their terrible kicking.

TBell not the best either, playing injured and it can hurt us. Draper needs to replace him.


Brown was excellent and very important
Zerrett back to his best
Parish finds a lot of space through run but very often he is ignored when he is clearly free, his team mates need to start using him more as he is prepared to run and carry and keep running.
Pidge does nice thing at times and really does run out a game very well, an important part of his game
Redman and Ridley, excellent and composed players.


Shiels Kicking is a bit like mine.

It’s not good.


Cudos to Mitch Brown

Came in & was fantastic all game


Love that we’ve steadied ourselves and got to 2-2. Let’s build from here.


Thank Fark for that


Really really happy with that!!!

They threw everything at us in the last and a Hurley led defence kept them at bat and then when we got our chance finished off the game


Great first half. Second half we looked a bit tired. But didn’t allow a big score against us at least.

I think this was to do with our team defence. First time I saw some improvement in this area. We managed not to be at our best yet not allow a big score against.

Ambrose, Redman, hooker and hurls deserve huge credit in that last quarter.


So does this reinforce the story that we went into Round 1 seriously underdone?

If so, what does Crow have to say for this?