Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


We’re just 1 game and percentage off top spot. :smirk:


Had my sister over today to watch the game, during my vulgar umpire rant, she says “they have been horrible today, I shouldn’t say that, my friend is an umpire”
me “your friend is an umpire? what friend?”
her: “Matt Nicholls”
me: …
her: …
me: “Wait, what? Mathew Nicholls is your friend?..”
her: “yes”
me: …
her: …
me: …
her: …
me: “Mathew Nicholls???, The bald ■■■■?”
her: “Yes, Matthew Nicholls. The bald…“c–word”…He’s actually an essendon supporter”
me: …
her: …
me: “I…I just…”
her: …
me: …

I am yet to process this information, I wasn’t sure whether to berate her or kick her out of my home. But there was a match to watched so nothing more was said.


What reality are you living in? If “we” do “raise issues” with the AwFL, it is patently clear that is a failed strategy. It has failed since at least the '50s when they denied us a flag by unjustly suspending John Coleman.

And it has failed every year ever since.

FFS! Even the UK only had one “Neville Chamberlain moment”

EFC has been doing it so long we are the greatest exemplars of Stockholm Syndrome.

It is high time our “perfect man” President stood up to this. Or the members elect someone who will.

(PS Happy now, SMJ?)




I don’t think she has left you much choice here but to disown her by association. It’s harsh I know but I just don’t see an alternative.


Yes but whether I do or don’t your posts are immaterial.


Good game today

But will be interesting to see how we go against north next week who play a slower style and are very structured behind the ball. We have played two teams who arn’t very good at this so it will be a good test.


I’m wondering if TeeBee is on shaky ground continuing as a member on Blitz by having a sibling who is friends with an umpire.

It’s going to be discussed at the next Blitz council meeting.


Did nobody else notice the bit about Matthew Nichols being an Essendon supporter?

Maybe he posts on blitz? Maybe he just gives frees against us to annoy Albert Thurgood?


You need to get out more. The umpire obsession is going to give you an ulcer.


Umpiring is p isspoor across the league. I got dragged to last night’s game and it was downright perplexing then too.

I don’t know what that smug ■■■■ Hocking is doing, but it sure ain’t fixing the umpiring. It’s gotten far worse if anything. Like everything the AwFuL turns its hands to…


It looks like you need to get out more. Unlike you, I do know what the real causes of ulcers are. And also of a great many more medical conditions you would never have even heard of.

So before giving out advice that is both gratuitous and unfounded, you need to learn more about what is happening “out” there.


I know whats out there, … “The TRUTH”!!


Is it difficult being so superior, Albert?


In my defence, Bltz ----> Sister



Well said. I work with a Brisbane supporter was has always been so smug after they have beaten us. Can’t wait to go into work on Monday now


No, it is actually quite effortless, especially compared to all the other things I do (some of which which you can find clues of around this forum).


10 score involvements too. He was a great link in the midfield on a few occasions. Shows how clueless some of the people in here are.


There was people saying he shouldn’t get picked because all of his 5 goals last week came from snaps and ground balls (as if that’s somehow a bad thing)

I have this theory that the more the fans whine about the team selection, the more likely we are to win


Bad news: Shiel is not a midfield “jet”.

Good news: I arrived at this conclusion when Raz left scorch marks moving past Shiel like he was still.