Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


Ambrose is great at shutting out players. Not sure Francis could do the same.
Hard one between Myers and Langford. Myers can put in a great supporting game every now and then. Langford…well…Langford…umm…waiting for him to turn the corner. As far as I am concerned he is not consistent enough and lacks the magic spark that a lot of bomber players normally have. Maybe he needs game time but til now has not been a world beater.




Christ on a half pipe!

What the?


Round 5 vs Kangaroos
In: Draper & Langford
Out: Bellchambers & Myers

Round 6 vs Magpies
In: Daniher
Out: Clarke

Round 7 vs Cats
In: Begley
Out: Baguley

Yesterday was the best our backline has looked for ages. Francis and Gleeson will have to play in the reserves until further notice. All of those changes make us faster & more dynamic.


People are complaining about the umpiring and I agree it was terrible.

But the problem is the rules. The AFL seems compelled to make changes every year. Sometimes a new rule is introduced in response to one or two isolated incidents that someone has complained about — the one where the player diving to be first to the ball gives a free kick away because he happens to have collided with an opponent’s legs is a classic example; the “third man up” prohibition is another. Sometimes it’s for absolutely no reason at all, eg the new kick-out rule, and the 6-6-6 rule.

So the result is that play is continually interrupted by random free kicks that nobody understands and do nothing except stop play in mid-flow and gift goals to one team or the other.

The umpires do their best. They’re not biased and they’re not instructed by the AFL to pay non-existent free kicks against Essendon. Continual messing around with the rules results in confusion for umpires, players and spectators, and that’s the basic problem.


I tend to agree, but it’s not the “new” rules they pay, it’s the standard, simple easy rules that they miss, ignore that gets me frustrated

Like guy breaks tackle, slips, stands up, gets tackled, drops ball, gets brought to ground…,holding the man…ummm that’s holding the call surely
These little flick handballs, where the player propels the ball with his open hand, not his fist is a throw everyday of the week, except in the AFL
Ducking into tackles, imo has always been play on

I could go on, but at the end of the day, there is no accountability in the game. The umpires and people not associated with the clubs can make horrendous errors, be bad at what they do, lie etc and nothing happens. Nothing to see here, everything is fine. A bit more honesty and transparency would be nice, admit that you got it wrong, don’t defend it with more spin (this could happen at club level, I’m purely guessing it doesn’t )


FMD. Just enjoy the win, umpiring wasn’t THAT bad either.


Who doesn’t like Brown???


During a high flying marking contest you’re pretty much allowed to maim and / or kill everyone around you.

BUT, if you’re Saad during a one on one marking contest, you can’t even breath the same air as your opponent.


There could be an epic tale here. The moral conflict. The emotional churn.

He serves a totalitarian football state.
Their target?
Those he loves.
An umpire. A fan.
A man.

Maybe also an action spin off.



Carl Weathers as Pencil Pusher
Samuel L. Jackson as Swear Word (possibly wielding a vicious sword he calls Mother-Gutter)

And introducing Anthony Michael Hall as Tippaction Jackson.

That will stir up some hype via controversy.


I wasn’t able to go/watch the game yesterday :slightly_frowning_face:
I have watched every goal on youtube, but excluding foxtel, is there a full game replay anywhere else?


It was a big day for me, I took my kids to their first game. My 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I would have taken them a little earlier but they hadn’t shown much interest in the game to date. Walking to the G holding their hands with all their bomber paraphernalia on was quite emotional and took me back to the days of windy hill with my grandmother. The start of a lifetime love affair.

You couldn’t wipe the smile from my face and initially the kids responded to the people and colour and noise. The sun brilliantly bathed the G in all her majesty, Tippa was running amok and it was raining bomber goals. The raucous cheers and the opportunity to wave the flag would create an endearing memory for my children I had assumed, starting the flame that would burn a lifetime.

Unfortunately all of this was lost of my little ones and it took hotdogs and ice creams to get them to half time, pleas and threats to get them to three quarter time. Slightly defeated I made my way from the ground, with my little cherubs letting me know that it was all too loud and they don’t want to do it again. I’m torn between persevering or having another year in the outer.


AFL app/site


Thanks Speedy


Hooker makes a huge difference to the way Hurley can play. Hurley steps into the role to which he is best suited.




Umpiring was dreadful. Inconsistent, completely perplexing. No rhyme nor reason for most of it.
Problem is AFL don’t know what they want. 51 free kicks in a game is too many. The networks want free flowing footy. Only call the obvious ones. But call out any player who stages to enable the umpire to see the obvious ones.
Write rules that include intent so the umpire is required to be a mind reader. Have ten different umpires roaming the ground so they can all make decisions based on different interpretations.
Allow the player to have prior opportunity to get rid of the ball when tackled. Then allow the ball to spill out in a tackle so … so… the umpire can pay whatever he feels like.
I could go on all day but what’s the point?


Haha, i saw that too. Apparently if a tall forward kicks a goal that’s not from a contested mark then it doesn’t count? Makes sense :roll_eyes:


Ok…so in what world are we a game off top and 2 more goals against the Saints would have us equal 1st…

Beautiful to watch yesterday and like I’m sure has been mentioned in particular that incredible first half.

Midfield dominant.
Tippa amazing.
Hurley destroying his opponent.

Great day. Bring on North, lets sellout the place and make it our blockbuster.


Lloyd on the footy show “Essendon’s performance yesterday was the best performance I’ve seen this year from a team”