Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


I call bullshit.


On my first replay and can confirm, we were legit good.


We were good because we played the game on our terms. We prevented Lions from playing how they like to play. So defensively we were excellent.

Also, the standard of play this season from nearly all teams has been woeful.

So it may be credible.


Just a complete performance.

The 1v1 contest all over the ground was really impressive made it really hard for the Lions to move the ball.


Just went back to watch it. He said impressive not best. Oops! But still High praise indeed.


Sack Woosha, this team’s performance needs to be the best ever…


Very few times in recent history have we walked all over a team like that. Very satisfying and enjoyable. As much as I enjoyed watching Walla bag seven I loved the combo of old and new in the backline. Hooker/Hurley being the old, Redman/Ridley the new, and Ambrose/Saad somewhere in between. The only down side was Conor, who I reckon had a dog of a day but I’ll need to watch the replay to confirm. He did a few nice things but often seemed lost at sea, running to the wrong defensive spots and just generally being a bit of a klutz back there, I’m a fan of the Irishman so hopefully it was a one off.

Still reckon Draper in for one of TBC or Clarke. To be honest I’m leaning towards the idea that we drop TBC instead of Clarke. Tommy’s ruck work has been ineffective and he’s taken just 6 marks in 4 matches!

My non-Walla-related highlight of the day was Paddy Ambrose smashing Eric-the-Half-a-Bee for his sling tackle on McGrath. More please!


Hipwood needs to get rid of his mosquito moustache.



This win is completely unacceptable, you know why?

  1. Tippa kicked a career high 7 goals. Why couldn’t it be an even number, 8 or 10? These are the things the players should be aiming for.
  2. Speaking of players, why didn’t the rest of our forwards kick 8-10 goals? Clearly if we had all our forward line kicking 8 goals a game we’d be winning by oodles.
  3. Myers played. Had you give the guy a break his face wouldn’t have been lacerated! Listen to blitz!
  4. Hipwood made it out in one piece. Seriously, Ambrose should have at least broken a rib just to give him a reminder of the loss and how crap his team is.
  5. The worm. Have you looked at the worm at half time? You know, through the footy live app? Well guess what. It dips. This thing should sky rocket to the moon! Only one way to go and that’s up!! Move up, don’t let the opposition score goals! It’s childs play!
  6. We are still not on top of the ladder! What the ■■■■ is going on Essendon!!!

Ok I’m out. Drop the :microphone:


Can you post page 13, I wanna read what Worsfold is.


Saad is on the footy show. Lloyd is borderline lid off - “Hurley and Hooker were at their defensive best. Are they the best duo in the league?”


I’m sure it says ‘lovely.’
Or something like that.


9 votes only for Tippa? You’re a disgrace Lloyd!


Dan Jordan spoke well on coach vid.


Give it a fkn rest, man…


Our defensive set up was the best it’s looked in… gee I don’t even know when.

Our zone always made it hard for the lions to move the ball out of our forward 50. When we turned it over we had players goal side and avoided easy “joe the goose” goals.

It’s easy to get excited after a win (you’re never as good, or as bad, as it seems) but THAT combination of exciting but disciplined footy will carry us far.


Well, it was Lloyd, … so you’re odds on with that one.


I know I’m getting ahead of things as we have North to deal with first. But looking forward to the Collingwood game. They’ll come at at hard. It’s going to be a good test of where we are at.


Let’s hope it has a different outcome to all the ‘good test to see where we’re at’ games we’ve had over the past ten years!