Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


People who think all footballers need to be fire breathing brick shithouses?


I took my young fella who is 4, to his first game yesterday also.

I had a fully charged IPAD ready to go, because I knew he’d be bored within minutes!
We lasted until 3qtr time. I was prepared for the fact we would leave early… because his excitement for the Bombers is more important than sitting through a game.

Before the game started I pointed out Tippa, to my son, while he was practicing set shots. After each goal, he’d ask me “did Tippa get the Goal?”… in which my reply was “yep!”

He got bored very quickly, but he loved all the effects of the bomber plane flying across the big screen, and the fire when they came out, and the bombers song… but he enjoyed seeing all the other kids with their Bombers gear on aswell.

His kindergarten teachers have been trying to encourage him to barrack for other teams… so it was time to get him to the games.


Those arseholes need to be reprimanded.


Sounds kinky


Watch the game with them at home for awhile with the volume up full blast, wave red and black flags during the game and do a lot of cheering. Breaks every 30 minutes to get their hearing back.

Bribery with Ice creams and anything you know that works. Its called red and black compulsory training.


Clearly they think it’s abit of fun.

But if he barracks for another team, then we aren’t going to have great days together at the footy. It’s one of the things you look forward to as a parent. So I’ve had a quiet word with his teachers.


They are the masters of distraction!


The only educator my daughter has had that cared about football was a mad Essendon fan and her best friend at childcare also is. She gets it from every angle!


You’re a great dad.


I was at a fkg wedding and couldn’t watch a minute of it.



Our average age was 25.5 and games was 97.86.
Their averages were 24.77 and 96.91


Cory Bernardi was right.
Ban #safeschools


Get your priorities right man!


Watching for first time. Great first qtr. Bags goal with seconds to go in first is indicative of our effort and pressure. Had been up and down the ground but we keep pressing and get another score where other teams would allow junk time.
Everyone in that string of play are on fire.


Am I the only one the sees the poor umpiring in the second half not as incompetence but the umps merely following an instruction to keep Brisbane in the game to prevent a blow out and consequently, a ratings disaster?

I didn’t notice the umpiring at all until we were 7 goals up in the final stages of the first half.


IMO it has merit.
I doubt that it is intentional, but subconsciously the umpires are hoping for a tight match because it’s exciting.

When I was umpiring, I used to hate those games when you knew it was going to be a blow out before the game even started.

But I used to love those tight games. The crowd gets into it. The adrenalin goes up. And you feel a greater level of importance.

Edit: then you add the empathy for the team that is losing… or hatred of the team that are full of arrogance and mouth off.


Nice theory

In round 1 we had 2 of the same 3 umpires (plus Leigh Fisher) and the umpiring became completely biased against us only in the 4th quarter after we were 8 goals down


Of course there is bias and cheating in the umpiring fraternity.

There are common trends every year dating back a long time.

As long as money is involved there will always be cheating.


I blame the rules on the bad umpiring.

When you watch the game through Essendon eyes, you see some absolute howlers paid.

I am sure Brisbane fans saw some too. (give the counts we saw more).

Also many not paid.

I think they need to move away from an obsession about making the game more attractive and instead focus on a set of rules which are more black and white.

Not sure how, but well umpired games are usually always consistent.


Marghetts fkn hates us

Every time he was central umpire likely paid the ones their way and did not pay ours

You can’t be a home team, flogging a side by 50pts and be -10 on free kicks which we were