Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


Footage today showed he kicks it at 11 seconds, there is a whistle at about 8 seconds and the siren sounds with 4 seconds left on the clock.


What was the whistle for?


Well, if you were next to me at the time, you wouldn’t have heard anything but me screaming the fark out of your eardrums.


No idea, it’s just what it sounds like, but there was definitely time still at the end.

Tippa was robbed, he could’ve had 8!


Timekeeper knew anything else after Tippa’s 7th would be anti-climactic.

Edit: Except for KJ_11’s scenario.


That surprised me too. I heard the siren up on the top deck of the MCC members and it seemed to come a few seconds after the goal had been signaled by the goal umpire. To be honest it was a nice way to finish the match - on our feet cheering Walla.


Walla broke the space time continuum.


So given the result and Mitch Brown’s work rate and output, I assume everyone now agrees that playing Hooker back was the correct decision?


Took the foot off the throat at half time which was so predictable.

I’m thinking that it was half fatigue (due to playing such attacking football in first half) and half complacency.

We lacked a key tall to take a clunk at the top of the goal square when attacking. Clarke just doesn’t cut it IMO


Absolutely, and a big tick for Worsfold.

Must have been tempting to play him forward given our side. Good sides are stable and I really like that it is settled. If we lose, we aren’t good enough.

Geelong and Tigers particularly had settled back six’s. They didn’t swing guys back and forth. Hooker is available, has trained as a back and been pegged as a back so he plays as a back. Woosh goes with Clarke and Brown, on paper looks sub standard, but that’s who is available as a forward and he backs them. Puts it on walla and raz to get involved. Great result and coaching performance on Sat after a poor first two weeks.


Yeh I just wanted Francis back in.
But would have considered resting Ridley and Bring him in the following week for Anzac Day.
Turns out he has a sore hand and will probably miss anyway.


Geez, those In’s would be fantastic.


Usually the club gives us an update on guys injured during a game. Would be great to hear how Myers face is going?


Still trying to push it all back into place?

How bout no free kick either… Toby Green studs up rule anyone?


Havn’t seen the replay coz was at the game. But wtf was that free to Lachie Neale for? Sling tackle?

It was so bizarre, then 5 seconds later Hipwood does a double motion dump tackle on McGrath and doesn’t get pinned for it


That’s correct. Margetts. Die ■■■■.


Few free kicks def had me raging

Baguley being pinged for holding the man when his tackle caused player to incorrectly dispose

Then they goaled

Redman being done for a dangerous tackle of which it wasnt. Then not long after they do one which was a lifting and dumping motion and no call. Then Ambrose collects him high and free.

Crowd was going ballistic

Thankfully missed that goal.


I think the Fox Footy clock was way off, may have been a bit stuffed after the kerfuffle of the Brisbane bloke having a set shot while Myers was coming off.


Someone above said they heard the siren just after he kicked it – maybe they blew it twice because no one heard it this time because of Tippa.


I’m still urinated about the time lost in the first 1993 final that robbed us of the chance to beat Fark Carlton. Siren went off eight (?) seconds after we goaled to move within one kick of victory.