Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


Maybe he caused the timekeeper to accidentally poke the button for the siren.


Commentators were calling as if there were only a few seconds left, when clock showed about 10 seconds.




Campbell Brown’s team of the job


Thought Hooker was better than Hurley


Tom Phillips getting in a team of anything is embarrassing 100% of the time.

Scared of his own shadow.


Yeah he is bang average. Just coz he racks the disposals up coz he can run for days doesn’t make him a good player.

Is never going to hurt ya


Who TF would care what Campbell Brown thinks (sic)?


He’s actually surprisingly bright. Does the VFL commentary (which you probably don’t get).


On football matters


Granted. But if you’re consulting him for an epidemiology thesis, it’s your own fault.


Well colour me surprised.


There seems to be a sentiment around town that Saturdays win was not Essendon being so good, but that Brisbane just did not turn up to play, you know, they decided to have a holiday down at the Crown Casino mostly, and thought they had better put in an appearance at the G in the afternoon.

Clearly we were worse. We lost the hitouts, we lost the inside 50s. Obviously we were shizen because we only won by 48 points (8 goals). Neale was the game high possession winner with about 40 touches. Clearly he did not come to play either. Brisbane were feeling generous, and Tippas 7 goals. so they let him have them because he is a nice bloke…



When does Michael Christian do his weekly comedy routine?


They lost against a side that was tipped to be one of the better teams this year. Lots of hype around us. We started badly in rounds 1 and 2, and have found some good form. So winning should not be a surprise. I mean how many had us pencilled in to win this game a few weeks back? yep - that many. They are kind of missing the bigger picture. But Brisbane can redeem themselves at home against Collingwood. Or maybe not.


Wasn’t Leigh Fisher the d1ckhead who was standing right there when Goddard got punched in the face a couple of years ago against GWS and didn’t pay a free? I was ready to destroy everything that day.


Happy for that to be the case to be honest. Happy to fly well under the radar for at least another week or two.


Usually from about 4pm


Nah, need more blokey jobs for the boys, can’t put two words together ex footballers. No one else could possibly know anything about the sport.:roll_eyes:


Except for a team of shadow jumpers obviously.