Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


Tippa got a perfect 10 from the coaches votes this week :fire:


Urinous? Like the old blokes in the Brunny St bedsits I very nearly moved into when I was 22. Too pricey.


Ambrose is so underrated here and everywhere else. He’s the perfect matchup for DeGoey.


Dons dilemma: Lloyd explains when he’d pull the trigger on Joe

Callum Twomey

Apr 15, 2019 4:09PM

IT IS the conundrum facing John Worsfold.

Finally, the Bombers have Joe Daniher fit, but what should they do with him?

Daniher has overcome a calf tear and is ready to play again this week – be it in Essendon’s Good Friday clash with North Melbourne or in the VFL.

But complicating matters is the Bombers’ short turnaround for their Anzac Day clash with Collingwood the following Thursday.

If Daniher plays against the Roos – which would be his first AFL game since round seven last year after battling the debilitating osteitis pubis last season – could he back it up against the Pies?

Or if he plays for the Bombers’ VFL side on Saturday, is it too risky for him to return to the AFL five days later?

Daniher played three games in 11 days last season before being sidelined for the rest of the season.

Essendon’s all-time leading goalkicker Matthew Lloyd says the Bombers should stick with the forward group that has booted 37 goals in the past two weeks, including their 47-point win over Brisbane last round.

“With the short turnaround, I’d play him on Anzac Day. The way the guys played on the weekend, they earned the right to play again,” Lloyd told .

"A year or two ago, and he won the best and fairest in 2017, you’d say you can build your forward line around Joe, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

“I think one of Essendon’s strengths is that with Jake Stringer, Mitch Brown, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti and Orazio Fantasia they’ve got a really diverse forward line. They can’t just go back to bombing it on Joey’s head.”

Brown returned to the Bombers’ line-up against Melbourne in round three, and was excellent against the Lions, kicking three goals from 25 disposals.

Lloyd sees Daniher playing more of a role in the ruck when he returns to the line-up, allowing him to ( sic)

His ability to probably take Zac Clarke’s spot and ruck 30 per cent of the time gives the perfect mix to allow Essendon to have a few different looks at a different forward line," he said.

"It would take pressure off Joey not going through him so many times.

“When he played his best footy [in 2017], it was his mobility and versatility to be able to play up the ground, and I think he became a better forward as a result of the freedom in the ruck too.”

Daniher, 25, was named an All Australian in 2017 and took out the club’s Crichton Medal after booting a career-best 65 goals from 23 games.


Ex players thoughts = “Footy News”, … :roll_eyes:


Well Hipwood just came off a 6 goal game described as an unstoppable breakout performance where he took 10 marks and had been given an absolute paddock to work in. Ambrose gave away 7 cm in height but strangled him like an anaconda, held him to 2 marks and 1 goal. I think Ambrose earned his vote. But there were plenty of other players who did also.


Happy that Ambrose got away with his hit on Hipwood but I’m annoyed that Hipwood’s sling tackle wasn’t even looked at.


The elephant in the room here is that tbell can’t ruck 70% game time at the moment. Add to that the fact Joe’s actual ruck work is mediocre at best and I can see pretty compelling reasons to play two genuine rucks.


I reckon he can now. Will get better with his fitness each week. I think he was rucking only 60% coz Clarke can hold his own in ruck. If we have a bonafide forward as our second ruck, TBELL would be doing 80%


I think that’s very optimistic


Again, like after the Melbourne game, I’m not seeing how Bellchambers has been that poor. Thought he held his own and did some nice stuff around the ground, ditto Clarke. He maybe looks a bit sluggish? When was he ever Usain Bolt with Zach Merrett’s turning circle? The whole team looks like they forgot to get ready and just remembered.


I don’t mind his presence in the media. He always provides good VFL commentary and I agree seems relatively switched on re footy tactics and general nous.


I think the comments might be about the players thinking a bit too much instead of going out and playing.

Ie not trusting their instinct to match the game plan.


I think the comments are related to the very structured process that was taught and practised in pre season and in the two JLT games.

The robust coaches meeting that took place resulted in it being abandoned. It appeared that training one way and reverting back was disastrous given rounds 1 and 2 but the last couple have been great.

I reckon Zach alluded to this and now Shiel.


I have watched the replay a number of times. Zaka has McCarthy’s left arm pinned with the ball in McCarthy’s left hand. As he is spun around he is able to punch the ball with his free hand. Hence a free was not warranted as he did handball away. At the time I too thought McCarthy had thrown the ball but it was not the case.


ROFL :rofl::rofl:


Not sure if serious. A one handed handball is a throw.


Mccarthey switched the ball from his free hand to the pinned one but the ball wasn’t controlled by the pinned hand and was in the air when punched. By the letter off the law it was a free but it would have been near impossible to spot it at normal pace


Why is it a one handed handball? He punched the ball with his other hand.


I must have a better look then ivan. If it was in the air then sure it was a throw. You could be right as it would have been difficult to have full control. It did happen so quickly and very hard to spot.