Review thread - Local team killed in shootout

Well, that sucked.

We aren’t a very good football team.


Hooker was an abomination. Hurley uncharacteristic errors. We also got beaten around the ball too often. Had our chances but lacked the composure and polish that good teams have.


No we are not, neither are they.

2 ordinary sides.

Kicking for goal is deplorable.

They got everything in front of goals when it came to umps guesswork.

I’d put that in the ‘we lost it’ category.

Classic Essendon when it comes to expectations.


A case of a team with no runs on the board getting ahead of itself?


Great game.
Bulldogs very fast and us nearly as fast.
Clearances not so good.
May need Bird in and someone for Lav.


I didn’t think we were awful. Dogs played well and we started feeling pressure both real and inferred. A lot of missed chances in front of goal really cost us especially in the second half.


Milestone hoodoo.

Bad kicking is bad football.


Our backline was awful. But our goal kicking was worse.
Apart from that…

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I think I’ll just repeat this post from the Worsfold thread for the next 4 hours or so…

The loss today had fk all to do with the coaching. Nothing.

We had the chances,… PLENTY of them, it was execution of skills under pressure & nerves that fked it up. Blaming anything else is bizarre.


We don’t need Bird. We need players who put as much pressure defensively as they do offensively.
The Bulldogs have Libba and Wallis who do this every week. When they don’t they are dropped.
The rest of their midfield do enough defensively to cover each other.
Our midfield collectively just don’t do enough.

Yes. Bad coaching is also bad football.


That’s two shockers in a row for Hurls. We are conceding way too many goals to be a threat.


Good goalkicking and we could well have won, but we still wouldn’t have played well. You’re always a chance at winning a shootout, which is why shootouts aren’t a good idea.

Dogs have about seven hundred hard running mids with decent pace, we have maaaybe two. It’s been an issue for years, and still is.

None of our backs could take a clean mark all day. It put us under so much unnecessary pressure.

We gave ourselves a paddlin’ today, would have to be the dumbest team in the comp. Had our chances to win and didn’t take them, so many silly mistakes and poor shots at goal. Too many of our good players had poor games


When the heat was on, and the opportunity(s) presented itself, we weren’t good enough.

We now face the real possibility of finishing ninth with an old team, which is the least enviable list management position to be in.

The Bulldogs weren’t that good. We lost that one.


I actually agree.
We need more games like this so we get used to this intensity.
That is the standard and that is what we need to stand up to.
More importantly, we need to bring that level of intensity when we play poor teams and punish them.


The Bird has flown.

I imagine that would be a good game for neutrals. We just shot ourselves in the foot time and time again, Watson sadly atrocious in key moments. Beat Carlton next week and that Adelaide game is beyond massive, would give us every chance of knocking them off.

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Worsfold needs to put the Matthew Knights game plan back on the shelve.

It’s all or nothing football and Te Dogs kick there highest score for the year.

Even if we make it this game plan isn’t one that wins finals.