Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


Not exactly in those words.
Only that turnarounds happen/have happened to all teams.
If you go with specifics like losing to bottoms teams then beating top 8 teams the week after then you would have to look at some previous years and try to find one. But in the history of the game a lot of teams have shown a huge turn around either playing better or falling in a heap.
Anyway PL just a tongue in cheek response not overly serious. So happy that we have turned it around the last couple of weeks.


I just am curious if there has been such a significant turnaround. From a bottom 4 team to looking top 4 is madness. All I can think of is Chelsea when they successfully tried to turf Jose.


i think people underestimate just how slow, unaccountable and lazy Myers was.


Swans last year lost first six then went on to make finals. They were looking worse than we were.


yeah that is a good example, though I don’t agree they looked worse than us as they were not humiliated like we were, well IMO anyway.


Yeah. Each situation is going to be different but they were copping a lot of flack.


And their turnaround was impressive. Hopefully we use it to show what is possible.


Totally agree DJH
IMHO I don’t even see that had the Giants won the flag last year as an example only that they’d have even opened the top decks for last nights gsme
Long hard slog ahead for them & their AFL benefactor
I used to hope they’d do OK probably due to the Sheeds influence but now since the saga everything outside of the Essendon Football Club can GAGF
They can sing “never surrender” we’ll never forgive or forget


After really being very critical of Dyson H this year I have to man up and admit his last 3 weeks have been good, the last two, excellent. Has been the clearance winning beast we have been looking for. Suddenly with Heppell, Merrett and Zacka off the leash the side looks the goods again.
It’s what the side does when the opposition tries to put the clamps on that will show where we are at.
The move of bags forward has been a master stroke.


Yeah, and at least 4 of those 15 were advantage calls.


and we cant even have grid girls anymore…someone is creating a very sanitised Australia…very sad indeed


He freaked out when I told him I had a strap on.


These type of caller are just starting to look stupid one eyed losers…as always they show their bias towards the AFL way. Time for a bit of a clean out of the has been commentators although they are probably a lot cheaper than people who can actually commentate.



Is that a cigar, ?


chris has unleashed the weapon that is his laptop.


@Riolio supreme nerdmaster


Not as bad as the Weapon the club unleashed on the playing group back in the day.


Magnificent. Who looks at Tippa and reckons they’ll make him flinch?


yeah, thats the sort of ■■■■ that might work on the kids at school, heath… that move is probably 15 years past its use by date for you