Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good



I needed it in gif form.


get farked shaw you dipstick


Not sure but wasn’t Dylan Buckley the same muppet that was off celebrating a goal against us that hit the post when he was playing for the scum?
So glad we bring out the worst in him no matter what jumper he’s wearing if it is



The nope at the end of that gif really seals it.


Someone with ADHD


What he hoped to do.


What actually happened.


I know they have a long injury list but I never thought that after getting all those 1st round picks that they would still have to play Dylan Buckley


Find the one he tried on Stringer as well


Worst thing about when Shaw stole the ball from Merret when he hand balled to McKenna is that Irish could’ve ironed Shaw TFO AND taken the ball the length of the field for a goal.

Need to set him up for it next time.

As much as I hate Shaw he’s actually a very ‘smart’ footballer.


The expression my old man used to describe me as 17 year old comes to mind.

‘Monumental f**kwit.’

  • Essendon’s Devon Smith ($2000) for rough conduct against GWS’s Zac Langdon.

  • Giant Dylan Buckley ($1500) for misconduct against Bomber Matt Guelfi.


Orazio can consider himself split second lucky he’s not on that list.


Really ?
This was their 6th defeat to start the season…


So, at round 10 last year, … Swans were 4 and 6 eh? :thinking:


And they were a club and team that had played and won finals as a physically and mentally hardened unit for the past ten years or more. Not sure we can derive too much as a comparison.


Wow that is horrible. Didn’t realise they lost to Carlton.


Richmond were another when they went on a 9 game winning streak and booked a spot in the finals.


Which is why this season should not be discounted.

Just amazed at the turnaround in attitude and performance.


We can sqaure ledger at 6-6 at the bye if we knock off the Tigers and Lions if that’s happens watch the media jump on Essendons’ bandwagon with David King leading the charge haha