Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


Nope 3 and 7


I’ve said it before but still holds true… comparisons to Sydney are unfair. sydney had the runs on the board, were coming off a ‘late start’ and had a lot of close losses in that first six. There was always the thought they would rebound and rebound quickly… perhaps not in the same season but that is just how good they were.

We are not Sydney, yet, and we have won two games… yes celebrate but I hope this doesn’t allow us to ignore the serious and significant flaws that were on show just 13 short days ago.

We need to keep the lid on, if only to ensure that we keep playing angry… they have now set the bar for themselves… will be very interesting to see how we go against the original and currently best in the business… but I think (like many others) the real, true and worrying test for this team is the game against Brisbane. That should be a statement game but we will all wait and see!!

If we are competitive/snag a win against Tigers and then roll Brisbane… then perhaps you can start to think mathematical equations for finals.


And if we beat the tiges this week I think we would have beaten the top 5 teams from last year!


Too bad the Lions game is at the Gabba.


Still reckon she gives a smirk as she turns to get the flag.:slightly_smiling_face:




Geez Fanta has a filthy few minutes late in the 3rd. Turnover at half back, out on the full going for goal, high free kick, dropped chest mark within range, holding the ball free, snap behind.

At the dome you could about just have pencilled in 3 goals and a few score involvements from that lot.


Not wrong. It’s a horror 5 minutes.

Couldn’t seem to do a thing right.


it’s always a danger game regardless of where we play



I don’t know but I seem to think Brisbane are one of those teams that seem to match up well against us


He also dropped one he should have traken about half way through the second.


The intensity of the contest, particularly in the second and third was right up there. I don’t remember us really standing up to that sustained level of intensity in a very long time


Will hold us in good stead going in to the tigers game, no doubt they’ll bring the pressure.


Potential to be a massive game if we can keep our pressure game on against them. They’ll go really hard to see if they can crack us. Big test for the players to see if they can be up for the challenge.


What i wished happened:


9 Dyson Heppell (Ess)
9 David Zaharakis (Ess)
3 Stephen Coniglio (GWS)
3 Callan Ward (GWS)
2 Mark Baguley (Ess)
2 Devon Smith (Ess)
2 Jake Stringer (Ess)

the only thing @theDJR looks forward to during the week.


I don’t think anyone is suggesting we are Sydney, more that if we are to make the finals, we would need to replicate what they did - which would mean we would be ■■■■■■ dangerous.

-> really … b l o o d y is in the swear filter <-

Fact is, despite utter schite for several weeks, the last two weeks show that if they put in each week, anything is possible. No one is suggesting finals, only that they are not dead and buried now and the players need to keep performing - if they want it, if they are good enough, they will make it.

To be truthful, anything less than finals should be viewed as a fail this year.


Aw shucks.

Pretty dang easy this one:

  • Two 5+4s because no one below scored more than 3 (but also because it’s the only way to get 9!)
  • Two 3+0s because no one below scored more than 2
  • Two 2+0s and one 1+1


I always find it strange when 1 coach scores a player 3+ and the others doesn’t score him at all


I agree that anything less than finals should be viewed as a failure.

It concerns me that we will play some good footy in patches and limp into “close” to finals and thus delude ourselves about where we sit again.

Finals should be the minimum bench mark and if we fail to achieve that standard, whether by 1 position or 8, we need to do a full review and discover why. We simply can not ‘drift’ any longer is my point.

Hopefully it is all moot as we scream into the finals and launch a Dogs/Tigers style raid and win the flag!