Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


Yep agree… sometimes it can be a player ‘out of the box’ and you might think they have played a team allocated role etc etc…

then sometimes it just appears/shows that everyone sees the game differently! It is always hard in a game where some of their players had 30+ touches and were great… but offset by the fact that they didn’t lead at any point in the game and went down by near enough 6 goals.

Personally I thought Shaw had more of an impact than Smith for example… Smith was great (and has been awesome all season) but I thought Shaw was keeping them in the game during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.


They just had different views on which token Giants player to give a mid-range vote to.

Glad to see no-one chose Shaw.


Ward and Coniglio both played well. They deserved votes


Agree, they were cracking in all game.


I just rewatched the game and was surprised at the quality and intensity of the in-tight stuff from both teams. It was red hot in the packs, you got tackled really hard the moment you touched the ball and I doubt I’ve ever seen as many handball smothers in a single game. When one side did get clear possession the spread was instantaneous and both sides distributed the ball into space quickly and smoothly. This was probably the best quality game we’ve won since 2015 maybe? Or earlier?

All of this gives me hope that we can roll the Tigers, who are not in their best form. I’m surprised we’re out at $3.50 head to head - maybe I’ll break my golden rule and actually put some money on us. I reckon Hurley will be in for Dea and I’m joping that BJ retains the sweeper role and Hurls picks up the 1-on-1 Matty Dea role, which he’s actually very good at.


Anyone worked out how to download the game from


Both coaches disagree, about a different one each.


Hate to say it but… It’s a little Woosha-the-player like


You have to stream this years games I think. You can’t download a file to watch later. Edit, it says in the bottom of the viewer that 2018 games are stream only.


I agree, but I also think that IF we reviewed things fully 3 weeks ago when we were 2-6 and made some changes (e.g. Neeld), that if we win 10 of the last 14 (which we’d need to do to make finals), then review all you like but probably don’t make too many changes to a team that won 10 from 14?

Reality is (odds are) we will still probably fall horribly short, maybe only 8-9 wins for the season, but if we do make finals then we have certainly worked things out.


@Finding_Nino if you or any of your household has a Telstra plan for either home internet or your mobile phone then you can use the AFL Live app to watch replays (and all live games) on a tablet. Does that help at all?


I watch the replays on my laptop via the Telstra login on the AFL site.


When I say stream, you don’t have to do it live. Just click on the little square icon now that says Q1 and away you go.


Always admired Ward cracks in hard every week win,lose or draw only if the rest of his team mates showed the same care


Stream only this year. The game video files are split in 100’s of ten second chunks.


Anybody find a download source for the replay? I’m very a slow internet country so can’t stream.


Furkin f4f streaming.

There is a way, but it’s pretty complex.


As @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS says, possible though complex.
For what it may be worth to you:

  1. Get youtube-dl from This is a command line program that runs on all platforms. Presuming that you are OK with this, follow instructions to install it.

  2. Go to in Chrome, right-click a quarter and select ‘Inspect Element (Q)’. This will give you a highlighted paragraph looking something like
    <a href="#" data-href="" onclick="return play(this, 4);" class="q4 btn btn-default btn-xs">Q4</a>.
    Right-click somewhere on this paragraph and select Copy > Outer HTML

  3. Paste this information into your favourite text editor, such as Notepad. Trim away everything but the video link, in this case

  4. You can now download with youtube-dl, like
    youtube-dl http://bpmultihlsvod5257.etc-etc.blah.m3u8
    The downloaded file will have a funny name that should be changed, but it will be a useful MP4

Hope this helps :thinking:


Oh wow, … I was meaning a way a bit simpler than that Sandy, .I’d been meaning to check if it was so for a few days now, … and just did, and it works…

I was a bit reluctant to try and explain it, … and also unsure if I should, … but your post clears that issue up, … sooo …

Get F Fox, … then get Flash video D/loader add on, … FVD, … then get the stream box up, click play for 2 seconds so FVD finds it, then pause, … then hit the FVD arrow, and click d/load the file that appears, … you’ll be asked to save it in your selected D/load folder, do so, … but don’t go looking for a file, … it won’t appear yet.

The FVD arrow will turn yellow, … and the F Fox tab will keep rising green across and dropping back as it gets each piece.

It will belt in at your connection speed, (at least up to mine 1.2 MB/s), and if you hit the yellow arrow, it will show you a % progress, … after it hits 100%, you need to give your comp as long as it needs depending on its abilities, to collate the whole file together, and then it will be in the directory folder.

Rename it qtr 1, … then rpt process for the others.

The other tricky bit is, and why it’s a bit complexer (?) now, is that the 1st time you try, FVD will likely ask you to download a “Companion App”, this is the f4f collator, and needs installing as per instruction, then a complete re start, … and it all should work

It used to be a lot scratchier when they were first getting around the f4f’s, … but it’s pretty fast and smooth now once it’s all set up, …

phew …



I’ve tried the github stuff, … the latest time for an iView downloader, as all the apps that worked just don’t anymore, and the github one seems the only current way, … but it does my brain in, and I can’t get it to happen.

Will read this closely to see if it will lead to making that iView one happen, … cheers.