Review thread v.s Dogs

So glad I made the choice to not go to the game. We are the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked




Yea that hurt.

glad i missed that one

First time I can ever remember leaving at half time. Those 50m kick ins to two unmanned players in the centre square did it for me.

We are comically inept at every facet of the game, but without a doubt the absolute worst part is our tackling technique - which seems to involve stepping away from the opponent running toward us and then throwing one arm out across their chest as they run past.




FMD Truck. Burn the game plan and zone to the ground. It’s so embarrassing to watch .


Essendon AFL - Lost by 32
Essendon VFL - Lost by 13
Essendon VFLW - Won by 47

Essendon overall win by 2 points. YEAH BABY!!!


Matthew Lloyd was right in 2020 when he said we have no respect in this competition anymore. All we are good for is being the laughing stock of the league
amongst opposition supporters and players and an easy 4 points. Teams love playing us because they know how soft and poorly set up we are and have been for nearly 2

In terms of culture and being respected, we are right at the bottom of the list with Gold Coast Suns who are NOTHING, they’re like the dog turd you scrape off the sole of your shoe, the only thing separating us and them at the moment is our 16 premierships, otherwise we are just as gutless and irrelevant as them. I saw improvements being made last year but it took not even 10 minutes against Geelong before I realised we’ve reverted back to type by playing selfish lazy football.
What the ■■■■ happened to the buy in and players playing for the guernsey? Where is the accountability?

There’s a reason why teams like Sydney Swans who I don’t like, I think they’re a bunch of ■■■■■■■■, especially the supporters, are able to play and go deep into finals year after year, challenge for premierships and remain a force. They spent just 2 years at the bottom but have already managed to rejuvenate their list with quality young talent and look like a contender again, because they’re so well run and have an excellent culture, strong leadership, recruitment, player development and whatever else goes into making a great side.

Not to mention other teams who have bottomed out and rebuilt before us like Fremantle at the moment, Brisbane recently and West Coast in the past. A decade ago, Melbourne
were possibly the most cancerous and toxic club ever seen in the game. And yet look at them today. Even at rock bottom, they were able to put the right processes in
Place and bring in a winning mentality which has got them to where they are now.

I honestly think North Melbourne will challenge before we do and they’re ■■■■■■■ ■■■■! But they probably still have a better idea at how to build a balanced list and
properly develop players than we do. West Coast will inevitably do the same, they’ve already done it before. Because the boneheads running our club are incapable of doing anything right.

We’re the polar opposite of Sydney (or Geelong or Hawthorn), we (still after all these years) have a losing mentality, ■■■■ poor leadership, coaching, recruitment,
player development etc. That’s why our ceiling in the last 20 years is 7th at best, getting smashed in an elimination final and being mocked by the other clubs when it
does happen. I’m sure Dyson Heppell is a great bloke, but he is not captain material, doesn’t possess any leadership qualities and has no intimidation factor about
him at all. Compare him to some of the captains we’ve had in the past and he’s the weakest we’ve had in who knows how many decades? And who else at the club has any leadership qualities apart from Merrett who probably should be our next captain, we’re utterly incapable of bringing in or developing players with strong leadership skills as we just keep recruiting soft vanilla plodders and nice guys, blokes you would love your daughter to marry but not dog hungry and physically intimidating on the field.

The list is not good enough to get past mid range on the ladder either, we rely on too few players for a role and without them we are in trouble. Without A.M.T, we don’t have any crumbers or small forwards, without Stringer, there is no X-factor or physical presence in the midfield. We are already relying on Zac Reid who’s played 1 game to fill a gap in defence because we have a lack of KPD and size down back, and up the other end we’re pinning our hopes on Harry Jones who I’m worried might be another Gumbleton with all his ankle problems.

And why is this club still unable to get the most basic fundamentals right? Why do we still have the worst structures,systems and skills in the league? Why are we
still so ■■■■ easy to play against? Why are we unable to apply pressure, lay tackles and hurt the opposition? Are our strength & condition and training standards
that garbage? I remember Brendan Goddard said our training and intensity was not on the same level as St.Kildas or something like that, which is a very bad indictment
on the club if that’s the case.

If we can’t even get these things right, we should just forget about winning a premiership or even a final for another generation, because everything from top to
bottom is ■■■■■■. And as long as these jokers like Adrian Dodoro, Rob Forster Knight and the gutless squib Xavier Campbelland others are at our club, we will stay on the same
cycle of mediocrity.

Go ■■■■ yourself Essendon


Club ‘makes a statement’ by dropping Shiel. I saw him on the ground. FFS!


Burn it all down.
Then maybe try rebuild it from scratch, but I’m not sure how much I really care either way atm.


So let’s sit back and enjoy Paul Brasher’s next video. I am sure Xavier will wheel him out, Oxygen tent and walking frame to spin some rubbish out to the filthy fan base


Game plan is done with. No one is buying in.

That’s the reality. Stop lying to yourself players.

Coaches, our skills suck. Fix this desperately. No plan can be executed without basic skills.


No doubt we suck, but I wish we got as many frees as the dogs did in their forward line
Also go ■■■■ yourself weightman you little prick


You must be a super fast typer.


Eddie Betts is close to worst on ground for mine. Said that Essendon tried to “go quick through the corridor at every opportunity”.

Lovely guy, but NFI


Only time i was happy was seeing Georgie Parker on the screen

You wrote all that 3 minutes after the game ?


I typed it up the other night when I was bored


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