Review Thread v Tarps

We had a dip.

Also, Patrick Ryder = zero touches.

Proud of the boys, fought it out to the end.

Thought Luey was really good.

Parish, Zerrett, Fantasia, Zaharakis, Walla and Cooney the highlights.

The rest of the game was rubbish.

Tough ask backing up after a win, on the road and a 6 day break.

Was happy to see we fought the game out.

Wish someone had told me that holding the ball is not a rule in Adelaide, but that had no affect on the result.

Luey is a beast in the ruck, average atm everywhere else.

Had a dip, outclassed.

We have some phenomenal young midfielders, and Daniher is going to be an AA full forward one day.

Effort = all there.

Get farked Port honestly, bunch of frontrunning overrated soft ****s. As soon as you put pressure on them they **** themselves. Unfortunately we failed to; they killed us on the outside.

Let’s file this farken game away and not mention it again.

(Jesus next week will be fun…)

Impressed with a lot of the boys.

Parish was good again. Zerret a few shockers but once again standing up in the midfield. Fantasia also some shockers but I reckon was one of our better players. Big player for the future in my opinion. Langford, Daniher, Cooney, Gleeson, Zaharakis also good.

We never dropped our heads which is a real positive if it is reflective of our mindset as a group.

Always a bit tougher away from home with an inexperienced group.

Good: Dea, Zaka, Ambrose, Goddard, Tippa, Parish. Fantasia’s effort and will to keep running despite some skill errors, flashes of quality from Langford.

In need of improvement: Crowley not bringing enough in the role he is playing, Jackson Merrett lacks a clear mind when it’s a hot footy.

The good news: Zaharakis, Dea, Tippa, Parish in patches, Loony - offers a lot more than just a ruck contest, and Ambrose.
Also Zerrett will NOT play as badly again this season (or probably ever).

The bad news: Crowley too slow for a forward, Kommer slow, Cooney a few touches but ineffective, and Jerrett will probably dish up another 15 games this year like tonite’s stinker where he offered absolute zero.

Laverde and Dempsey to return next week?

If it came out tomorrow that the umps were found to be match fixing it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

The decisions and some of the blatant non decisions that were given tonight were bewildering

Tough ask backing up after a win, on the road and a 6 day break.

Was happy to see we fought the game out.

Wish someone had told me that holding the ball is not a rule in Adelaide, but that had no affect on the result.

True and dropping it like a hot scone when you are tackled is ok as well, but as you say didn’t affect the result.

Tippa handballs it but the umps didn’t see it so that is a throw, Port throw it but the umps didn’t see it so that is a handball. Oh well.

Matched their score in the last when you’d reckon they’d be pushing for percentage and we were definitely competitive after quarter time. I’d seriously consider resting Luey and Parish this week and bring them in fresh against the Filth. Reckon we need to “prepare” for certain games this year and I don’t think next week is one of them.

Best game I've seen Fantasia play.
Will be a player. Provides a lot, will be a gun.

Good effort.
Didnt drop our heads.
Parish backed up, good but dropped off.
One of ambroses best games. Tackled hard and 8 marks!
Hartley looks composed.
Tippa good again, needs to get back on his feet quicker after a contest.
Zerret good production but not as dangerous as we are used to.
Daniher developing well.
Zaka solid but dropped off.
I likd Fantasia, If he can iron out some of his clangers will be a wespon.
some good berger tap action tonight.
Quilty ok on Dixon

All things considered, solid game. Not going to bag any players after that effort.
We were outmuscled around the ball but gave it a good crack.

Umpires shoul do the walk of shame Game of thrones style.

The blueprint for how we lose games should be recognisable now. Now the coaches job is to tweek both playing style and personal to hopefully rectify it better. otherwise it’s mostly just gonna follow the same path it has, with more 60 plus point losses.

Composure and lack of reward for effort are going to be our biggest hurdles.
As i said in gameday thread, even without taking away the 3 goals from frees, we kick the simply shots at goal we should have, and go in at half time 20 odd points down, instead of 41, and it’s a whole different ballgame.

Instead we do go in 41 points down, port come out and kick the first 2 in quick time and effectively game is over, and we are stuck fighitng for a “respectable” scoreboard.

composure well some of that you have to cop, cos of the situation. I can accept young guys making mistakes, fas for example, and zerret had a shocker tonight, that’s fair enough.

however other blokes still aren’t improving in that area and are still making the same mistakes over and over, which again leads to said blueprint of how we are losing.
now is the time to start looking to weeding them out one by one.

I don’t think all of Goddard, cooney, crowley and jerrett can be in the one side. defensively all liabilities at present, and they aren’t offering anything damaging going forward.
Goddard you can’t drop cos he’s captain. the others should be on the chopping block. to crowleys defence i don’t know WTF they are playing him as a forward. He’s a midfeidler and a tagger, if he can’t run out games, play him midfield when the heat is on in the first half, then play him up forward when he runs out of juice. no good playing him as a forward, cos he isn’t one.

Other than that, somewhat pleased with the effort. It was there, might not have looked it,but it was. They are sadly only have to focus it on one aspect atm, and that’s trying to clog the ball up around stoppages. They can do it to a certain degree, but once it gets on the outside, we just get carved up.

Like I said though, it should be obvious in which ways we are losing games now, now you’ve gotta start tweeking things.

Horrible game of football to watch. I liked that we were able to dry up Port’s attack for the majority of the game after the first quarter.
The thing I like about these games, other teams take us lightly (like Melbourne) after loses like this. Gives us a chance to get up the following week.

Best game I've seen Fantasia play.

Thought he was great in that he just kept running and running. Had a dip.

He was better vs Collingwood rnd 23 last year though.

Highlight of the day was being able to genuinely give Patty Ambrose a vote before retiring for the night. Suck on it haters!

What role is Crowley playing?

How well is Kelly playing? Still can’t believe the Cats let him go.