Review thread: Western Sydney Humidity


What an abysmal showing. It really looked like boys against men. I don’t think I’ve seen such a one-sided game since the grand final where Hawthorn kept Freo goalless for the first half. The trouble is that there were so many poor players we can’t drop them all! Smack was useless and so was Brown, Raz and Walla were pretty hopeless, too. At least McGrath tried hard, but he needs a lot more support. This is one of the worst Essendon games I’ve seen in about 30 years.


600 dollars. Six. F**king. Hundred. Dollars. That’s what I paid for my membership.

Good thing I don’t have a misso.


I think I’ll barrack for Collingwood. They always make an effort, they stick together, their chairman doesn’t let the AFL walk all over them. And even if they lose, they at least always have a go.


Completely agree. This fraud has got away with it for far to long.


I hope we win the flag!
I’m being realistic though, with this coach and list we won’t.
We can sit here for 23 weeks and go through the same ■■■■ or make a change by round 5.

It’s like knowing you need a divorce but won’t oulk the trigger, until you do but by then you’re old and fat and won’t find a new wife


These boys have made the finals!!!

Showing more respect for the history of our footy club then the footy side.


Waiting for the tassie team to jump ship. Hopefully not far away


you wont find a better snake oil salesman.

Charming bloke.


Merrett played today?


Sadly some of our supporters have no class.




Dat humidity will get ya


Wow. There’s some full on responses here. Awful performance, yes. Pretty weak, definitely. Worrying? Yep.

I watch today and it’s clear that the team isn’t on the same page. Initially I thought it was a sign of being being unprepared for the start of the season. I think that true still, but fear there is a deeper cause.

I’d hate to think two years in a row that we have game plan issues, but if that’s the case then it’s an indictment on the club. Quite a few teams underperformed first round, and if there was a theme it was the teams that played safe and long. That shouldn’t be a problem for us, yet we skirted the boundary, rarely took the game on, and played slow in general - in total opposition to how we played in the back half of last year. And in total disregard of our strengths.

I’m hoping this is an aberration and that things will click into gear. What I suspect is that there is some discontent in the group, and that we have adopted a game plan foreign to our strengths.

Next week will reveal much.


Well, maybe this is just like that loss against the Bulldogs in 2000.


Really? He was as bad as the rest today so he doesn’t get a “poor Shiel” from me.


It’s hard to have any sort of game plan when your players all can’t hit a target


The mot worrying thing was the lack on intent, you expect skills not to be top notch in round 1. But not not play with the intensity that we have been promising all summer and showed late last year is deplorable


Leon Cameron had more distance covered today than any of our players.
I’ve never seen Zac like that before, he’d given up during the first quarter.

Is there something to this Ricky Nixon rumour, it sure looks like it? Surely someone here knows something.


They treated that game like it was a pointless round 22 or 23 clash, when your season is done, players are injured/on ice for next season etc etc and you’re playing a top team with nothing on the line.

Except it was round farking one after six months of talk


That’s a big call.

Have you got evidence that there is an upward trajectory?

Just wait till we play a side that is in form.